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About JA Traditional Classroom Programs 

JA In-Classroom
JA Traditional Classroom Programs bring volunteers into the classroom to teach students, K-12, about entrepreneurship, personal financial literacy, and workforce readiness. By sharing their personal and work experiences, JA volunteers bring real-world relevance into the classroom, bridging the gap between the education and business worlds. This sharing brings the curriculum to life for students, helping them not only to better understand the JA lessons, but also to make the correlation between a solid education and the opportunities it provides.  JA programs are aligned with the common core standards for Math, English and Language Arts.  

What is the role of the volunteer?  

Volunteers are critical to the success of our programs and JA volunteers can impact a large number of students in a short span of time. As a volunteer, you will inspire and prepare young people for their futures and help youth avoid the financial pitfalls so many adults currently face. During each lesson, volunteers will lead the classroom through assigned activities and share their experiences with the students.

What is my time commitment?

  • Orientation & training session (In person or virtual)
    45 - 60 minutes
  • Preparation at home
    20 - 30 minutes for each lesson
  • One of the following programs:

              Elementary School Program
              5 sessions, 30-45 minutes each

              Middle School Program
              6 sessions, 45 minutes each

              High School Program
              5-12 sessions, 45minutes each 

What is provided to me?

JA provides you with turnkey materials necessary to teach your class, including a comprehensive volunteer lesson plan guide, engaging activity materials, and fun posters. JA will train you on how to use the materials provided to you, and will connect you to a teacher in your area who has requested JA programs.
You and the teacher are then provided the flexibility to determine your visitation schedule. The teacher will remain in the classroom to support you throughout the sessions.
You will also have a JA contact who can answer any questions you have, and provide any assistance you may need. 

What is the role of the teacher?  

During the event, teachers are present in the classroom at all times to partner with the volunteers, help maintain discipline and answer any of the volunteer's questions. 

What is the role of JA Staff?

JA staff will match volunteers with teachers based on location and availability. JA staff will also help communicate necessary information to both the volunteer and the teacher through the duration of the program.

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  • "Junior Achievement exposed me to different careers and opportunities and it was very inspirational."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Students in my classroom often say that one of their most memorable activities from the year is JA. They love it!"

    -Junior Achievement Teacher
  • "Junior Achievement has shaped my dreams. They have prepared me for what's out there."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Every time I came back into the classroom the kids were always so excited about the activities and mentioned their favorite ones."

    -Junior Achievement Volunteer

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