Junior Achievement Career Fair

Junior Achievement is excited to host multiple JA Career Fairs during the 2017-18 School Year! At JA Career Fairs, students are able to learn from area professionals about the world of work as well as all about jobs that are available within the area.

Area schools register to bring a grade level of students to these events. Prior to attending the event, students go through a four lesson program, Start with the End in Mind, led in the classroom by a school counselor and/or regular classroom teacher. In this curriculum students:

  • Complete a career interest inventory identifying their top three career interest clusters
  • Examine their personal skills and interests
  • Identify and explore careers that are of specific interest
  • Evaluate personal values that tie directly to the world of work
  • Explore the need for strong soft skills
  • Learn about the importance of networking to find a job
  • Complete a mock-job interview simulation
  • Craft an elevator pitch
  • Learn about and draft a resume

During the career fair, students learn from multiple area professionals who work in fields similar to their interests. Speakers identify skills important to their career as well as what their personal reasons are for working in their field. Students have the opportunity to ask professionals questions. 


Career Fairs planned for the 2017-18 School Year Follow:

  • JA Career Fair at Hannibal LaGrange University — Tuesday, October 17th — Room for 500 local students!
  • JA Career Fair at Quincy Junior High School — Tuesday, November 21st — 8th Grade Quincy Public Schools
  • JA Career Fair at Quincy University — Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 — Room for 500 local students!

Interested learning more? Interested in bringing a grade level of students to the event? Interested in being one of the speakers at the event? Interested in financially sponsoring one of these events?

Contact Annette McClellan, VP of Programs and District Operations, at amcclellan@jastl.org or 636-575-1675!