Volunteer Verification

Integrity is an important part of our mission of inspiring young people.   It's also important in terms of stewardship to our donors.   At Junior Achievement, we take pride in our accomplishments.   Reaching over 46,000 students is truely a milestone.  But what makes it even more special is that we go out of our way to validate these numbers.

We do this in our in-class programs with a process we call verification.   For each class, we ask you the volunteer to verify the program that you completed.   We also ask the teacher.   This dual verification ensures that the numbers we report are accurate to the best of our ability.

This process also allows us to get feedback from you on things that we could improve on.   We are constantly looking for ways to do a better job, and so your feedback will be very helpful to us.

Once you have completed all of the lessons in your program, take a moment and complete our online verification form below:

 Click here to complete the Volunteer Program Verification form