When JA Shines Through

Original story from Junior Achievement of Brown County

Katie was working at her local Pulaski pharmacy in Brown County and had a student from a JA class she taught the year before stop in with his mother. He had $0.50 to spend on candy. When he was explaining to his mom how much candy he could buy, he said he needed sales tax too.

Katie overheard this conversation and went over and asked him about sales tax. He correctly remembered that the prices don't reflect the total cost and he had to add a few cents for sales tax. So he correctly purchased the amount of candy without going over $0.50.

Katie says, “It also provided me an opportunity to brag about his skills to his mom!” Thank you Katie for bringing that real world experience to a 3rd grader!

JA Volunteer Goes Above and Beyond

Original story from Junior Achievement of the Chisholm Trail, Inc.

One of Chisholm Trail’s parent volunteers, Lindsey McGregor, has incorporated a fun way for her students to review the concepts they learned in JA Our City! Lindsey created a fun song for her third grade classes to refresh these concepts!

Lindsey is a parent volunteer at Justin Elementary in Justin, TX in Northwest ISD and has this to say about her JA experience:

“Junior Achievement was such a rewarding experience for me!  When the opportunity presented itself to be a part of JA, I jumped on the chance to get to know some amazing kids and to hopefully teach them something about their city! The program provided hands-on, easy to teach lessons that engaged every student in the classroom. Not only did we all learn together, but we had a blast doing it! “

            Thank you for enriching the lives of young people, Lindsey!

JA Alumna Finds Her True Passion for Teaching Through JA

Original story from Junior Achievement of Greater Baton Rouge & Acadiana

Darlene Taranto began as a JA student and later became a volunteer. Through her time at JA, she was able to find her true passion. Here is Darlene’s testimonial:

“THANKS JA!!!! JA has had a major influence on my life. I was in JA and went to the national convention  in high school. I graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and worked as an accountant at Shell [Chemical]. Shell sent me to teach a Free Enterprise JA class and I fell in love with teaching! I quit my job, and have been teaching for 28 years and absolutely LOVE my students! THANKS JA!”

A Dedicated Fundraising Coordinator & JA Alum

Original Story from Junior Achievement of Western New York

COORDINATOR SPOTLIGHT: Sharrell Billups, Tops Friendly Markets

Sharrell Billups, Executive Assistant to President, Tops Friendly Markets, is a JA of WNY Superhero, serving as the sole company coordinator of the Top Fundraising Company of the JA Bowl-A-Thon for the past two years. In 2016, Sharrell lead over 230 associates from 47 teams, raising $25,676 to become our Top Fundtraising Company! In a recent interview, Sharrell graciously shared her JA experiences and what keeps her coming back as a coordinator each year.

JA: How and when did you start as coordinator JA Bowl-A-Thon teams for Tops Friendly Markets?

Sharrell: I actually inherited the role when I became an Executive Assistant, which is one of the highlights of my position. I started coordinating in 2015.

JA: What keeps you coming back each year as a JA Bowl-A-Thon coordinator?

Sharrell: Knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of children and I do this in memory of my father who took me to Junior Achievement’s After-school Program when I was young.

JA: As a Junior Achievement Alumni, what is your favorite JA memory?

Sharrell: Learning different aspects of business and meeting other students from different schools.

JA: What does the JA Bowl-A-Thon mean to Tops Friendly Markets?

Sharrell: It means helping our future to succeed and help them to become the best at whatever they want to be.

JA: Tops Friendly Markets has been #1 in fundraising each year you have coordinated teams; what are some of your strategies for successful fundraising?

Sharrell: We have great Executives who support the ideas we come up with as well as participate in this Bowl-A-thon event. I really cannot say enough about the Tops Family in whole who fundraise, participate and support each year. With a combination like that you can’t help but be successful.

JA: Tell us your favorite JA Bowl-A-Thon memories…

Sharrell: Working with the great staff of Junior Achievement and watching everyone have a great time bowling, even the kids!


Thank you for being such a dedicated ambassador of Junior Achievement’s mission!!

What Goes Into Making a Company?

Original Story from Junior Achievement of The Upper Midwest
Lisa Tellinghuisen, 17, has a bubbly, engaging personality that matches perfectly with her sky-high career aspirations. Her enthusiasm and outgoing nature also helped her recently be named the Otto Bremer Student Entrepreneur of the Year for North Dakota.
A recent high school graduate of West Fargo Sheyenne High School, Tellinghuisen believed even as a child that her social skills would someday lend themselves well to a business setting.
“Neither of my parents are in the business field, but I’ve always been very outgoing and willing to try something new,” Tellinghuisen says. “I think those things are a big part of being in business. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and you have to know what you want to get out of a particular situation.”
Tellinghuisen got an opportunity to test her budding entrepreneurial skills first-hand when she participated recently in the JA Company Program through her school. Along with several other students, Tellinghuisen helped develop a company called Cre8fulEight, which produced and sold colorfully decorated Mason jars designed to dispense soap or other products.
“We were a little worried at first because no one had any crazy-good ideas right off the bat,” Tellinghuisen says. “We decided, ‘Well, if we want to make something, where can we go for ideas? Pinterest!’ One of our teammates found these Mason jars and I found there are a lot of really cool things to create with them. Since I was head of the supply chain for our company, I was a big part of the creative side. I thought it was really cool that I painted these jars and they looked good and turned out nilisa-tellinghuisence and everyone really liked them. I was really proud of myself.”
As a result of her JA Company experience and through competing in the JAUM Company of the Year competition—the first time the event has been held in North Dakota—Tellinghuisen received a $1,000 scholarship, along with the honor of being named Student Entrepreneur of the Year. The Otto Bremer Entrepreneurship Fund, a multi-year initiative to promote entrepreneurship and its opportunities to youth, supports a number of JA efforts, including the JA Company Program, and it also funds scholarships for members of qualifying company teams.
This fall, Tellinghuisen will attend Minnesota State University-Moorhead to study advertising/public relations with a minor in media analysis. It’s a college path she hopes will translate into a career as a social media analyst, helping companies strengthen their social media communications.
“I was always really curious about how someone actually started a business,” Tellinghuisen says about her JA experience. “I’ve known people who’ve started businesses and became really successful, but I had absolutely no idea what the steps were. That’s why I was so excited about this JA program because I really got to learn what goes into making a company.”
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