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JA Influencer is a resource for educators to discuss topical subjects on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship with students. Designed with high school students in mind, the JA Influencer white paper and discussion guide dive into current events to prompt conversation and learning.


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Work Readiness
Financial Literacy

Understanding the Student Loan Explosion

Americans owe more than $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. This paper, Understanding the Student Loan Explosion, and discussion guide can help your students better understand the issues surrounding student debt and make better informed decisions about paying for higher education.



Crude Facts: The Winners and Losers of Low Oil Prices

The price at the pump has fallen in recent months, but what are the economic factors contributing to lower gas prices? Crude Facts: The Winners and Losers of Low Oil Prices paper and discussion guide explain how the laws of supply and demand impact energy prices in terms teens can understand.