Why JA?

As the breadth of our communities' problems seem to grow every day, we believe there is a way to get to the root of these growing issues. With our mission to inspire and prepare young people for success we work to foster student's belief in themselves and a sense of purpose to overcome life's challenges. JA can change "I can't" to "I can" through a scientifically proven approach by showing students how money, careers, and business ownership work. With the help of volunteer role models in proven programs there comes a simple shift to a positive attitude.

Since 1993, research has shown that even a single exposure to Junior Achievement makes a difference – students who participate in JA have a greater comprehension of economic concepts and skills than their non-participating peers.

Research has confirmed that JA:
• Encourages students to become entrepreneurs
• Helps students understand the importance of staying in school and improves attendance
• Helps students outperform traditional economics students in all areas

Other notable findings from the longitudinal study have found:

• JA middle school students were significantly more likely to aspire toward a college prep program of study when they reached high school and they were more likely to hold higher aspirations for their careers.
• A greater percentage of middle grade and high school JA students volunteered for unpaid community service projects as compared to students in general.
• Most of the JA high school students worked at least part-time during the school year, whereas only about one-quarter of students in general worked during the academic year.
• JA students were more likely to enter college immediately after high school.