JA Finance Park is offered at JA Southeast Texas!

Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park™, a mobile version of JA Finance Park™

Program Overview

JA Finance Park gives middle and high school grade students an opportunity to develop personal money management skills, acquire personal finance knowledge, and prepare for the financial decisions and challenges of their adult lives.

JA Finance Park introduces students to personal finance and career explorations through classroom instruction complemented by a day-long, hands-on experience in which they apply learned concepts in a life-like community. During this one-day experience, students assume randomly assigned family and income scenarios and visit businesses to gather information for their personal financial decision-making. Participating students use bank services, contribute to charities, purchase housing, transportation, furnishings, food, health care, and other expenses, make investment decisions and work to balance their personal budgets. Real-life members of the community, such as parents and local businesses, are actively involved in the JA Finance Park experience.

JA Finance Park students develop knowledge of economic and personal finance concepts, understand budgets and the importance of financial planning and gathering information, become familiar with the use of financial services, utilize financial decision-making processes, and become better prepared for their future roles as consumers, investors, and workers.

Student Outcomes

JA Finance Park helps students actively:

  1. learn personal finance and economic terms
  2. identify services that financial institutions provide
  3. explain the costs and benefits of using credit
  4. understand the risks and benefits of saving and investing
  5. develop and use personal financial management skills such as reading stock quotations, determining stock value, and using different payment methods
  6. learn about federal, state, and local taxes as well as Social Security and Medicare contributions
  7. examine and calculate gross and net monthly income
  8. identify the components of a budget and implement budgeting procedures
  9. apply mathematical skills to income analysis, spending and saving plans, and investment decisions
  10. explore career options and match them to personal abilities, interests, work preferences, and values, as well as conduct research on the education levels required for different jobs

How We Prepare Community Stakeholders for JA Finance Park

Teacher workshop: Teachers attend an interactive workshop at the Finance Park facility, conducted by experienced JA staff. The workshop introduces curriculum and teaches how to successfully implement the material at school, before the culminating, or "capstone", visit to the facility.

Volunteer workshop: Volunteers attend a hands-on workshop prior to the students' visit to the Park to review their role during the simulated, day-long experience.

Student preparation: Students complete performance-based activities in the classroom before visiting the Park.

On-site visit: Students spend a day at Capital One/Junior Achievement Finance Park transferring classroom learning in interactive hands-on environments.

Follow-up activities: Students participate in classroom activities to evaluate their Finance Park experience and apply what they have learned to the creation of business plans.

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