Volunteers Play a Key Role in Bringing Junior Achievement to Life!

Junior Achievement of Maine makes it easy for you to share your expertise and passion for what you do with students of all ages. We provide the training, curriculum, and a classroom ready to meet you. We even come to your office to help you prepare. It really is that easy!

There Are Three Ways to Volunteer with JA of Maine:

  • JA in a Day: Our most popular program lets you teach multiple classes at the same school in one day. All you have to do to volunteer is raise your hand and commit to a single day away from the office. JA of Maine will take it from there! We'll meet you to review our class materials and we'll be on hand to answer questions before and the day of the event.

  • JA Job Shadow Day: Can't get away from work for a day? Let the kids come to you! Giving local students a tour of your company gives them an opportunity to see how work gets done and is an effective way to show them how products are made or services are promoted.

  • JA Traditional VolunteerJA matches you with a teacher to develop a 5-6 lesson curriculum showcasing your area of expertise. Together you develop a lesson plan and schedule that meets both your needs. This is a terrific way to give students insights into banking, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and other skills.

When you volunteer with JA, you can expect to get an enormous sense of satisfaction in return. Please volunteer today. Hundreds of Maine students can benefit from what you have to share! 


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Why become a JA of Maine volunteer?

JA Brings Relevance to Academics
JA bridges the gap between classroom experience and real world experience, helping students understand how what they are learning applies to where they are headed.
JA Provides Authentic Learning Experiences
JA provides a connection with the business community, deepening students' knowledge of local commerce and fostering community involvement.
JA Provides Immersive Learning
JA creates opportunities for applying learning within the classroom. 

What our Volunteers Say

"I wish I did it sooner."
"That was so much fun!" 

"It was easier than I thought."
These are the most common reactions we get from JA volunteers. Helping Maine students learn how businesses work is the best way to help them start preparing for the day that they enter the workforce.
"This was an exciting and fulfilling experience. I was able to share some knowledge with young people and they were able to put a smile on my face!" 
— Lydia Tuttle, Northeast Bank 
"It's a fabulous experience. JA plans the whole lesson for you and if you prepare ahead you can add your own insights and examples. It's way easier than you might think and it's FUN!"
— Britany Cantrell, Oceans Community Federal Credit Union