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Investment Day
Please schedule with JA Team Member Alyssa West


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JA Business Symposium
Sponsored by Coastal Pet Products, Inc.
January 23, 2019
4:30PM – 6:30PM

JA Company students will participate in a county-wide Board of Directors Meeting and will schedule appointment times to interview with area business professional providing job shadow and internship opportunities.
* Resumes will be required to participate
Registration will open December 14th – Details to follow.



JA Scholarship Applications
March 27,2019 by 3PM
Applications at
*Resume Required to Apply


JA NextGen Entrepreneurs' Challenge Competition
April 26, 2019
at Stark State College

Detailed Competition Information Here
Due April 9, 2019 Before Competition
1). Annual Report PDF
2).  Company Commercial Link
Due April 26, 2019 Day of Competition
1).  Tradeshow Booth
2).  Live Presentation with PowerPoint


JA Company Tax Form 



JA USA National Student Leadership Summit Application
May 1, 2019 by 3PM
Email submission to awest@jaonline.org

The JA National Student Leadership Summit will take place June 16-20, 2019 in Washington, D.C.



JA Company Program 

JA Company Program® helps student entrepreneurs launch an actual business from idea generation, product development, capitalization of the venture, marketing and sales strategies, supply chain, and financial reporting all with the mentorship of a JA business volunteer.


JA Company Program will provide a relevant and authentic learning experience for young people that fosters a strong entrepreneurial workforce in America. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to identify the key elements of organizing and operating a business, and consider creating their own startup. 



The goal of the JAECO NextGen Entrepreneurs' Challenge is to balance the business achievements of each team as a whole with the members' individual personal development.  Therefore, for a team to win this award it is not sufficient just to run a financially successful JA Company or to have created an exciting product or service; JA Company members must also demonstrate that they understand how and why the company performed as it did and can present themselves professionally.



2018-19 Junior Achievement of East Central Ohio JA Student Companies


Bats Around Town

Our business is creating homes for bats. We're making the houses out of pine wood, wire mesh, we are using screws to hold it together and torching for an eye-catching look and as a natural sealer against the elements. This helps promote a natural solution to the use of pesticides as the bats we're housing eat the pests that the pesticides are targeting.
Contact Information: batsaroundtown@gmail.com
Social Media: Twitter - @TownBats     Instagram- @bats.around.town     Facebook- Bats Around Town


We make doormats that are able to be customized by using the laser engraver here at Hoover. Each customer may choose a word or phrase they would like included on the doormat as well as the option of four different fonts.
Contact Information: footprint2019@gmail.com
Social Media: Twitter - @footprintja     Instagram - @footprint.ja


MDRN Marketing
MDRN Marketing offers a fresh, innovative way to expand your business's market through the use of cutting edge promotional merchandise. By analyzing today's top trending products, we have crafted a list of classic and modern items that guarantee customer satisfaction. We offer high quality, customizable products for a price that cannot be beat.  
Company Contact: info@mdrn.markting

Social Media: Twitter -@MDRNMarketing     Facebook - @MDRNMarketing


Simple Starters Inc.
Simple Starters is a company that creates cards that initiate conversation between families and others. The cards we make are designed to engage everyone in meaningful dialogue that can be used to build relationships between the parents and their kids. So let's take one job of family dinners off your plate and help promote great dinner conversation!
Social Media: Twitter – @SimpleStarters     Instagram - @SimpleStarters


Skyline Custom Clothing
Skyline Custom Clothing makes custom apparel that empowers personal expression at an affordable price. We offer an opportunity for individuals to create their own clothing line for themselves or for resale.
Contact Information: skylinecustomclothing@gmail.com to place an order.
Social Media: Facebook - SkylineCustomClothing Twitter - @SkylineCustomC1
Instagram- @SkylineCustomClothing


Here at TrueNorth we pride ourselves on help other remember a lasting location they have. We do this by putting map coordinates of their desired location onto one of our two product, a wooden home decor wall plaque and a stainless steel plated bracelet.
Company Contact: TrueNorthJA@gmail.com
Social Media: Facebook - @TrueNorth     Instagram - @TrueNorth_JA     Twitter - @TrueNorthJA



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