For Educators and Volunteers

The Road To BizTown Starts With You!


Call Kalyca Stransky at (570) 602-3600 or email to get your students involved with JA BizTown!  This program is sure to be an experience your students will never forget!  



Thank you for volunteering at JA BizTown!  JA BizTown volunteer training will take place on the morning of the day your school is visiting.  Please arrive at JA BizTown approximately 45 minutes prior to the planned arrival of the students.  If you did not receive the arrival information from your child's school, please contact his or her teacher to find out the student arrival time at JA BizTown.  On your visit day, JA staff will review the schedule and provide you with all of the necessary information for a successful visit.

There are Volunteer Manuals on this site, and you can access them by using the navigation button on the left side of this screen.  Please review the Helpful Hints and Volunteer Manual before your visit day.  You do not need to print a copy of the manual as there are copies at JA BizTown for your use.  

See you at JA BizTown!