JA Bowl-a-thon

Interested in hosting a Bowlathon with your company in support of Junior Achievement? Contact Robin Olson at 610-230-3366 today to set up and start fundraising!
Why Bowl for JA?
Junior Achievement empowers young people to own their economic success. Basically, we change their attitudes from "I can't" into "I CAN" through hands on learning taught by volunteer mentors. JA Programs are age specific and instill in children early on how much power they have in their own futures. 
Fundraising for JA provides more Kindergarten through 12th grade students in your community with the opportunity to change their mindset and achieve success in their career and in their life.
YOU have the power to change the lives of an ENTIRE CLASSROOM. Each bowler's fundraising goal is $100 (that's $10 from 10 people!). On a team of 5 people, that's $500= the same amount it takes to give a whole classroom the JA experience. Just one program can change the course of a young mind. You can make that possible. 
Become your company's Coordinator!
Becoming the Coordinator for your company is easy - and fun! JA will work with you to coordinate logistics regarding fundraising, troubleshooting questions or bowling tips! You can be a coordinator and a bowler, no problem. But you do have to be the PEP master for your company -motivate your coworkers to create teams and fundrasie to help kids in your area learn about personal finance, career readiness and entrepreneurship! Contact Robin Olson (robin.olson@ja.org or 610-230-3366) to join JA in sponsoring classrooms! 

Please contact Robin Olson (robin.olson@ja.org or 610-230-3366) to choose your date and to ask any questions!