JA Finance Park presented by Bank of Oklahoma the mobile version of JA Finance Park™, is a program dedicated to educating middle and high school students in the basics of financial literacy: budgeting, investing, managing risk - all while reinforcing the value of education and how it affects one's future.




Learning By Doing

Most of us learn best when  we are able to experience things firsthand.  JA Finance Park takes reality-based learning to a new level by placing students into authentic, tangible, real-world scenarios where they take control of their decisions.

JA Finance Park will bring together teachers, community and corporate volunteers, and local businesses to prepare students for adult life.

JA Finance Park includes three parts:

1. Classroom lessons and activities

2. Budgeting simulation at JA Finance Park

3. Debrief and follow-up in the classroom.

Through hands-on classroom activities and site-based experiences, JA Finance Park students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong personal-finance decisions.  The program includes hands-on in-school activities that culminate with a visit to the JA Finance Park.


What Students will Learn


Students recognize the fundamental role of income in managing their personal finances and the factors that the decisions they make about education and career will have an impact on their potential income and quality of life.

Savings, Investing and Risk Management

Students explore why saving money is critical, and they compare investments as a part of their overall financial planning.  They examine risk and how insurance may help protect savings.  They also examine risk and how insurance may help mitigate certain expenses

Credit and Debit

Students compare financial institutions and their services.  They weigh the advantages and disadvantages of debit and credit.  Students will explore the role of credit scores and credit reporting on personal finances.


Students discover the importance of spending money wisely and recognize a budget as a valuable tool.

The Simulation Debriefing

Students experience the JA Finance Park simulation, where they apply classroom learning by creating a family budget based on a hypothetical life situation.


The Simulation

The Day at JA Finance Park - "Who will I become?"

Upon entering the park, each student is given a unique "life situation" - a personal profile with the details of their adult life.  Here's an example:

Job Title: Project Manager

Annual Salary: $63,000

Age: 38

Marital Status: Married with two children: girl age 8/boy age 5

Monthly Taxes: $1,234. social Security $326, Medicare $79

Other: Drive 22 miles round-trip to work each day

Employment background: After graduating from high school, you joined the Navy and earned your bachelor's degree in engineering.  You are fortunate that you do not have any outstanding student loans.  While you were in the Navy, you worked on large-scale projects.  You will need a master's degree to move up in your company or secure a new job with better pay.

The Budget Challenge - "How much money will I need?"

After students receive their life situation, they determine their net monthly income (NMI) and apply an appropriate range of spending for their family in per-determined business categories.

Students will then visit each of the 19 businesses to buy a car, shop for groceries, purchase a home or rent property, buy insurance, establish savings accounts, make investments and donate to charity.

Students must also budget for unforeseen expenses, such as mechanical problems with their car. It is during this shopping time that students realize choosing to buy a brand new car rather than a used car may mean living in a small apartment instead of a home; or spending more money on clothing may mean limiting your social activities for the month.

At the end of the day, students must have balanced spending in each category so their expense do not exceed their income.

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Dates and Locations



Fall 2019 | December 3 - December 17

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Portland Campus

3500 NW 150 St

Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Main Number (405) 717-7799 


Spring 2020 | February 26 - March 11 

Francis Tuttle Technology Center - Rockwell Campus

12777 N Rockwell Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73142

Main Number (405) 717-7799



Fall 2019 | September 18 - October 8

Tulsa Tech - Peoria Campus 

3850 N Peoria Ave 

Tulsa, OK 74106

Main Number (918) 828-5000


Spring 2020| April 16 - May 6 


Tulsa Tech - Peoria Campus 

3850 N Peoria Ave 

Tulsa, OK 74106

Main Number (918) 828-5000


Our Volunteer Need

JA Finance Park Volunteers in High Demand

To ensure a successful visit, we need 16 volunteers daily to provide guidance to students as they plan their budgets. Volunteers will need to:

Time Commitment is 5 hours; approximately 8:15 AM - 1:30 PM  (depending on time school arrives). Training is provided onsite one hour prior to students arrival. Training provides volunteers with the opportunity to understand the onsite simulation flow and procedures. Volunteers gain firsthand knowledge and experience about their role in assisting the students.

Share your life experience with students at JA Finance Park. Each volunteer will help students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal financial decisions by coaching 4-6 students through the process of developing a budget.

To volunteer, or find out more information about volunteering click HERE.

Questions? Contact Robyn Brown at 918.663.2151.


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