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First Financial Bank Provides A New Way to "Do" JA

Students from Abilene High School and Cooper High School will receive a real treat in March. All AP Government and Economics students from Abilene Independent School District's largest high schools are invited to participate in JA's newest implementation model: Reverse JA in a Day.

Traditionally, local business professionals who volunteer with a JA program will take the curriculum and materials provided by Junior Achievement into the local public school classroom once per week each week until all sessions (usually five to eight) are completed. 

The Reverse JA in a Day requires two tweaks to traditional JA programs.

First, all five to eight sessions are delivered in one day - hence the name - JA in a Day! 

Second, we reverse the system. The JA volunteer no longer leaves their professional environment to enter the students' natural learning environment. Instead, the students visit the JA volunteer at work, take a tour of their facility, learn about their industry, and meet multiple volunteers from the same organization!

Pictured above is a group of JA students from Fort Worth attending a Reverse JA in a Day hosted by Apex Capital.

On March 8th and 28th respectively, an approximate total of 130 high school seniors will attend a Reverse JA in a Day at First Financial Bank's Downtown Location. Students will spend the day with multiple high level employees engaged in the JA Personal Finance® program, touring the First Financial Bank building, and learning about the importance of the banking industry. 

An added bonus for participating students? They will now be eligible to apply for a JA Scholarship provided by the JA of Abilene office thanks to partnerships with Abilene Christian University, Hardin Simmons University, McMurry University, and the Willie I., Wanda, and W.F. Martin Trust Fund managed by First Financial Trust & Asset Management.

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