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Reverse JA in a Day @ Hendrick Medical Center

Hendrick Medical Center (Abilene) hosted nearly 50 students from Abilene ISD's Holland Medical Early College High School with their members of their faculty and administration during school hours on Monday, September 26. Students learned career preparation skills specifically tailored to the healthcare field. In addition, they learned the necessary of how to look for a job, get hired, and keep a job. Finally, they learned important 21st century skills we call the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. These lessons are part of the JA Career Success curriculum. The curriculum was taught by Hendrick employees throughout the day.

In addition to the JA program material, students were welcomed to the hospital by Hendrick President & CEO Tim Lancaster and Abilene Mayor (and Hendrick VP) Noarm Archibald, treated to a tour of the facility led by Hend, and access to a Q&A session with Hendrick employees at lunch.

Major takeaways from the day were:

  • Healthcare is not going away
  • Technical skills can me an interview, but strong "Soft Skills" will get me the job
  • A LOT of career options in healthcare
  • Every department must work together / Collaboration is important
  • Tour was very insightful
  • Interaction with Hendrick Professionals was very positive
  • JA inspired me to continue pursuing a career in healthcare
  • JA sessions prepared me to be successful
  • "I want to work at Hendrick"
  • Abilene is a good option for a career in healthcare

Hendrick plans to host underclassmen from Holland Medical Early College High School later in the school year.


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