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United Supermarkets Provide Major Volunteer Support for JA Classrooms

 The relationship between United Supermarkets and Junior Achievement of Abilene is not a new one. United has provided financial support to events like the JA Golf Classic in each year of its existence and to programs in classrooms like the commitment they made by providing JA Personal Finance ® - Blended Model to at least the next two years of 12th grade students at Brownwood High School. United has also been a major volunteer provider for JA programs in Abilene schools, as well.

But the "U Crew" (an organized group of United team members who serve alongside one another to meet the needs of the community) rose to new heights last week.

In a week where the JA of Abilene office delivered or began 25% of the 2016 spring semester programs, the team from United Supermarkets provided 19 volunteers who filled 16 classrooms on 3 campuses (Brownwood High School, Lee Elementary School, & Craig Middle School) across 2 school districts. In addition to their classroom support, United also provided all of the refreshments for the volunteers at Lee Elementary School and surprised the classrooms hosted by United team members with additional snacks and treats!

This impressive support in the form of quantity is only met by the consistent quality of the United personnel. Each team member has been prepared for their JA experience, innovative, and exciting for the kids.

Without United, many students in Abilene and Brownwood would not have received JA programs in a very busy week for our office. Thank you!

To join United as a volunteer, please click here.

Pictured Top Left: Derek Orr - United Supermarkets Service Manager at United Supermarkets on N. 10th & Willis St - asks Lee Elementary 1st graders to guess a job title based on its description.

Pictured Bottom Right: Shelbi Carroll - United Supermarkets Assistant Service Manager at United Supermarkets on N. 10th & Willis St - helps Lee Elementary Kindergarten students understand basic concepts of American currency and the principle of saving.

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