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Cayenne Creative shows DAY Program students how to kick-off a new product

Cayenne Creative gave the students from the DAY Program the opportunity to stretch their minds by challenging them to developing a product debut. From the label to the clientele they would target, the students built a marketing plan for their new soda. The students were split into groups, each responsible for developing a label, method of advertisement, target audience and strategy for a new soda that their client developed. At the end of the day they presented their marketing plans to the Cayenne team just as marketing firms do for their clients. It was a “day in the life.”


These students learned a lot and were inspired by their JA Job Shadowing experience at Cayenne Creative:

“The most important thing I learned at Cayenne Creative was how to work and correspond with others. I learned how to be open and willing to listen to other people’s ideas while expressing my ideas. I also learned how to communicate with a client and negotiate with them on how to make their product more interesting as well as incorporating what they want in the advertisement” Alex V.

“One thing I learned from the program that is important is presentation skills, attitude control and soft skills.” Justin P.

“We got to hear some of the stories on how some of the employees got their position which brightened my future and gave me hope that I could do the same and be successful in life as well” Justin P.

“It made me realize how much I can accomplish if I keep chasing my goals and dreams. It made me feel like I can hold a tighter grip for a brighter future” Alex V.

Through JA Job Shadow, Cayenne was able to give students the opportunity to see how these skills work in the real world shows students why the topics they talk about in school are important.  Cayenne employees enjoyed their time with the students as well: 

 “Hearing their takeaways after the experience was so touching.”  Barbara Silor

 “I would say that the experience united us and perhaps in some capacity reminded us of those things we love about Cayenne.”  Christina Hale

Thank you, Cayenne Creative, for helping Build Brighter Futures!

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