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Volunteers come together to teach at Tarrant Intermediate

Friday, November 17th, twenty-one  volunteers come together to share their knowledge and experience with the students at Tarrant Intermediate School. Volunteers from Altec Industries, the JA Junior Board, and other business professionals teamed-up and worked together to deliver the JA lessons to their students.

For many, it was their first time in the classroom, but some were JA veterans. Altec volunteer, Nina Jones told us she is “a teacher by day and a teacher by night”.  JA gives her the opportunity to teach children even though she spends most of her day as an account manager. When she volunteers, she gets to bring real life topics to the classroom, and have students understand what financial concepts are needed for day-to-day life.


JA helps provide relevancy in the classroom—connecting what students are learning in school to what they will need to know to plan for their futures. Anil Chada, a volunteer from Regions Bank, agrees that JA is helping bridge the gap between school and a student’s next steps:  “Absolutely, JA provides an efficient and practical way for students to learn basic concepts of entrepreneurship.”

Not only are JA’s lessons relevant, but each volunteer has the freedom to share their life experiences with their classes. Volunteer Jennifer Black, for example, encouraged her students to get out of their comfort zone: “if speaking in front of people makes you uncomfortable, then that means that you are growing a little each time.” She encouraged her students to practice those skills in which they may not be completely confident. Similarly, Drew Fanklin would tell his students to “never settle for ‘good enough’ and always keep learning.”

Why volunteer with JA?  Anil Chada, a JA Junior Board member answers:  “There are many ways to make a meaningful impact with young children. Whether it is challenging their minds to develop new business ideas through the JA Be Entrepreneurial program or volunteering in the classroom, Junior Achievement provides a great avenue to invest back in our community with our youth.”

Thank you to all of our Junior Board members, to Altec and to all business volunteers that help JA Build Brighter futures in our area!

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