Junior Achievement Unveils Plans for JA BizTown/JA Finance Park

Junior Achievement Unveils Plans for JA BizTown/JA Finance Park

In partnership with the Fayette County Public Schools, Junior Achievement of the Bluegrass will transform approximately 13,000 square feet of Linlee Elementary School into an exciting, state of the art facility where students from throughout Central Kentucky will come to experience a living lesson in economics, community and financial literacy.

JA BizTown will serve upper elementary classes with operating “businesses” such as a bank, city hall, utilities center, equine center, restaurant, wellness center and more. Imagine fifth-grade students discovering the real-life opportunities available in the free enterprise system as they become business operators, taxpayers and consumers in JA BizTown. Most importantly, imagine students who think that learning basic math, economics, technology, social studies and reading and writing is fun!

JA Finance Park will provide a practical, hands-on personal budgeting simulation for middle school students. The classroom curriculum is complemented by a visit to the Park where students will immerse themselves in a reality-based decision-making process addressing individual and family budget considerations such as housing, transportation, food, utilities, health care, investments, philanthropy and banking. At JA Finance Park, students will learn about the implications of financial decisions, consider the options available and construct and live within a personal budget.

“Just think about how amazing it will be when we have a JA BizTown/JA Finance Park right here in Fayette County to enhance the work already happening in the classroom. The new facility will not replace JA’s classroom components already in place; it will only add more opportunities for students to connect what they learn in school with what they need to succeed as adults,” remarked Fayette County School Superintendent Manny Caulk.

Junior Achievement will welcome their first students to JA BizTown/JA Finance Park in late fall of 2016.