Teach with Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement has been promoting business education since 1919, first through an after-school secondary program, and later through in-school partnerships with educators. The cumulative impact on students is currently nearly 80 million, and it's growing.

The impact is measurable, too. Students who participate in Junior Achievement programs demonstrate a significant understanding of economics and business concepts, particularly those who participate in programs at consecutive grade levels, according to independent evaluators.

Why Junior Achievement in the Classroom?

Junior Achievement's unique delivery system provides the training, materials, and support necessary to bolster the chances for student success. At your invitation, we help arrange for business people and local community leaders to visit your classroom a few times or throughout the semester. They volunteer to share their workforce experience with your students, all while teaching sound economic principles and reinforcing your class curricula. Nine out of 10 teachers believe experiential learning is effective in getting students interested in higher education and careers.

Educator Testimonials

"JA is a wonderful way for the community to become involved with the school and the education of our youth."

"We hear all the time that kids can't balance a checkbook but the JA programs help them not only do these kinds of things but they help them to see what it takes to run a business. What are the economics that are involved in that?  It helps them run their own lives better."

"When you put fun back into learning that makes a student thirst for the education.  We, as an organization, are able to put that fun back into the learning process."

"JA invests millions of dollars into evaluating its programs because unless it is relevant the child will not actively and passionately embrace it.  So, we have to make sure all of the curriculum is not only relevant to today's society, but relevant to what a child can relate to."

"One of the great challenges that we have as an education service organization is how do we educate our youth in knowing how to be financially literate and that's what JA is all about."

"It allows students to get away from the textbook a little bit.  They take what they've learned in the classroom and actually apply it."