Student Activities


JA Build Your Future - Get the app now at Google Play.  Or download the app for iPhones and iPads.

Download the free JA Our City® Augmented Reality App! The new JA Our City® program is here! The program remains kit-based and volunteer-taught with five, 45-minute sessions, and incorporates Cha-Ching, a set of financial literacy videos and characters. A new augmented reality mobile app offers additional activities. It is free to download from the iTunes or Google Play store. App instructions are found in the Junior Journal. Thanks to the generous support of the Jackson Charitable Foundation for this redevelopment. 

Games, Activities & Resources

JA USA - Other Junior Achievement student and parent educational resources.

BizKid$ - Play games, get information on the show, and access great learning tools.  Plus, you can run your own lemonade stand - Do you have what it takes to own a business?

JA Titan - Play the game and see how you stack-up.

Career Profiler - Helps identify potential careers that match your interests

Interest Profiler - What your interests say about you.  What careers would work well for you.

Morningstar Investing Classroom - Learn the definitions and basics of investing

Math Moves You - The coolest math site you will ever find. Includes: Celebrities and Math, Math 2 Win, and more...

The Mint! - Have the feeling that you never have enough money? Or want to know how to make your money grow? Got anything saved up? You've come to the right place. is packed with all kinds of tips about what to do with your money. Because the plain fact is - YOU'VE GOT CHOICES. Discover how to make the most of your money. You can start right now!

The Poodwaddle Clock - You've never seen a clock like this one. Check out this mind boggling information.

The Coolest Calculators - Need to calculate something? Business, Chemistry, Fitness, Games.  There's a calculator for you here.

Grad's Guide to Getting Hired - has great information on pre-graduation prep, starting the job search, networking, and final steps to stand out from the crowd. 

Navigating the current job market - Tips for recent grads in a difficult market.