Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas offers effective programming in K-12 classrooms throughout its service area and is fortunate to have many volunteers, educators, parents and students who agree – our programs work!


From Alumni:

In this video, JA Alumnus Francis Hassis shares the inspiring story of his Junior Achievement experience in high school, to which he attributes laying the groundwork for much of his current success as the President of Specialty  Divisions at Sunbelt Rentals. His positive experience in JA as a student has led him to generously support our organization as an adult.


From Volunteers:

"What a fantastic experience. Over the course of the classes you see the students thinking about the future and talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Being a JA volunteer is one of the most rewarding things I have ever participated in. Thank you!"
– Angela


"The highlight of my JA experience was seeing the students' eyes light up when they learned a new concept. Money was especially special to the children, because it was a new idea and they see their parents using it every day."
– Mike


"This is easily the favorite part of my week. I really feel the students enjoy the program and learn valuable life skills."
– Heather


From Parents:

"JA has truly had a positive effect on my daughter. It has shown her what financial responsibility is about and has helped her understand money. It inspired her to have a positive attitude and motivated her to perform better in the classroom and improve her grades."
– Aaron


"My daughter participated in JA BizTown® yesterday. What a fantastic program this is for our students. The kids were all so excited to be a part of this hands-on experience and really did get to feel how businesses are interconnected and that each person plays a unique and important role in an economy."
– Michelle


"Thank you for the time you spend on this worthwhile organization for the youth of our country. These days they need all the encouragement and direction they can get for their future."
– Judy


From Educators:

"My students learned a great deal from our Junior Achievement volunteer. She was well organized and interacted wonderfully with the students. The lessons and materials were age-appropriate for my students at the end of the school year. It fit nicely into our curriculum. Thank you for giving my students this opportunity – they gained so much!"
– Stacie


"Seeing the students' improvement from pre-lesson questions to post-lesson questions was amazing. They really understood the concepts being taught!"
– Becky


From Students:

"JA really inspired me so much that I can't let anything get in my way."
– Darius


"Junior Achievement has taught me to work with my peers as well as establish long lasting contacts and friendships. I have experience that will allow me to be successful in my chosen career path of business marketing. I truly believe that if you have a mindset of success, a simple idea can turn into even more than you expected. It was so interesting for me to see our business go through all the stages of growth, things we read in the textbook but I've never gotten to see for myself."
– Crystal


From Our Supporters:

"Our company knows that our investment in Junior Achievement is helping prepare young people to be educated consumers and make smart choices about their future. Our employees are really proud of their roles as volunteers, delivering the JA curriculum and helping students make the connection between school and real life."

"I support JA because I know that participation in their programs helps young people appreciate the importance of education and the value of a dollar. Kids today need to learn these lessons, they're not always taught in school and many won't learn them at home."
– Keith


We love hearing how JA has impacted you, your child or your classroom! If you have a JA experience you would like to share with us, please contact Carrie Van Brunt at (704) 563-4855.