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Melissa Bradley
Vice President of Education
Phone: (407) 488-1925

Oak Ridge High School
700 West Oak Ridge Road

Orlando, Florida 32809

Phone: (407) 852-3200 ext. 6102323
Fax: (407) 852-3222


When it comes to their children's education, the parents of high-achieving students are looking for hands-on experiences, relevance and quality. At the JA Academy for Leadership & Entrepreneurship, our curriculum is designed to meet these expectations, with challenging, engaging studies and a variety of real-world opportunities.


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"The JA Academy has been a growth catalyst both academically and socially for my children. The exposure they both have experienced through the program has been unparalleled. From the authentic immersion into the business community they have gained insights that will prepare them for future leadership roles."

– Morita Olsen, JA Academy Parent