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Young Professionals Take On a Special Project

One of the great advantages of working so closely with the local community we serve is to be able to quickly understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities our educators face throughout the school year. One such opportunity presented itself as we heard feedback from some teachers who anticipated difficulty in planning for real-time virtual volunteer visits while in-person or remote learning environments are still in flux. Turning to the JA Young Professionals Board for help with a very special project, members of the group went to work and are now recording JA volunteer sessions for 3rd and 4th grade classrooms. The recordings will give educators additional control over when and how JA lessons take place, while still giving visibility to local mentors who are able to share their life experiences and inspire students.

Originally born as an idea to fit the needs of educators at Northmoor Primary School where the group had previously launched the JA High School Heroes volunteer program, the recordings will also be available to other schools in the area. “There was no doubt in my mind I wanted to be part of recording the sessions for the 3rd and 4th grade classes,” said Betsy Larson, Employee Experience Specialist at ATS and Chair of the Young Professionals Board, “I immediately thought of the advantage we have to be able to impact so many more kids than one volunteer can traditionally.” The delivery model offers yet another option for educators and volunteers to customize their experience without compromising the impact of JA programs. Betsy added, “As someone who is used to volunteering all school year long, it’s really exciting to me to know I’m still doing my part in a new and effective way!”

Educators and volunteers can learn more and sign up by contacting or

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