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Why We Need to Talk to Teens About the Stock Market (and how you can help)

Many of us closely followed the news surrounding WallStreetBets and GameStop in the last several weeks. Young people, who have received little to no education about the stock market, are also fascinated. In fact, we’ve spotted several young adults on Reddit announcing they just invested for the first time, asking other users for advice.

While the interest from young people in the stock market is exciting, as educators and parents, it’s troubling that they are soliciting advice from individuals who may not have an interest in their success. For years, Junior Achievement and our volunteers have delivered fundamental lessons in investing to high school students through the JA Stock Market Challenge. This year, we're impacting students through our all-new immersive curriculum and an interactive game-based app that gives them the opportunity to practice researching and trading real stocks with “virtual” dollars.


High school students in McLean County will learn how the stock market works and explore responsible financial habits through the all-new classroom program, JA Take Stock in Your Future®.

This new curriculum is immersive with five core lessons and 11 optional extensions to engage students in forming a deeper understanding to build financial wealth. One of the four core lessons, a real-time online stock simulation, helps students gain confidence as they invest fictitious dollars in real stocks for an authentic learning experience.

Students will put their newly acquired knowledge to the test as they compete alongside students across McLean County in the all new JA Stock Market Challenge! Competitors will use fictitious cash to invest in over 10,000 stocks with real-time market data. They will be encouraged to research daily market news within the simulation and make informed decisions on which stocks to invest in.

Join us Thursday, April 29 as we recognize our students’ hard work and honor the JA McLean Teacher of the Year & Volunteer of the Year during our online celebration.


We have already received several requests from educators for this new program, and with young people so interested in the topic right now, we have the opportunity to bring this program to many more students. Your contribution will ensure we can provide them with foundational lessons in the stock market and financial literacy delivered by individuals who are invested in their long-term success. Please make your contribution today.

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