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JA BizTown is Going Virtual!

Does your school usually participate in the on-site simulation at JA BizTown, but can't this year? Or have you wanted your child(ren) to have the opportunity to participate in JA BizTown, but your school does not participate in the program? Either way, JA BizTown Adventures is for you!

This engaging and relevant learning resource is now available virtually as an alternative experience for students and schools who are unable to participate in the usual on-site simulation. JA BizTown Adventures is available for free and can be adaptable for in-class, in-home or remote learning for educators or caregivers of students in 4 - 6 grades.

This experience allows students to gain an understanding of running a business as they take on five different job roles: CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Sales Manager, and Consumer, in a self-guided online adventure. Students will practice problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, as well as learn about saving and spending.

JA BizTown Adventures Highlights:
• Online, self-guided learning experience that provides a 360-degree view of how business and the economy work
• Can be accessed inside or outside the classroom
• Students can complete JA BizTown Adventures independently or with support of an educator or caregiver
• Instructor guide provided, as well as vocabulary terms and opportunities for collaboration and discussion

Pre-Register Now!
JA BizTown Adventures will be available in October 2020. In order to access the electronic resources and simulation, pre-register here.

For more information or questions, contact Bristal Rettberg here.


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