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JA Welcomes Back Lene McCollum

JA is thrilled to welcome back Lene McCollum to our team!

Lene will serve as the first-ever Director of Partner Engagement. She will focus on engaging existing JA partners and bringing new partner groups to the organization. Additionally, Lene will ensure JA's volunteer experience is unmatched!

Many educators, volunteers and community partners may recall her previous role with JA as the Regional Manager for Baltimore County and outlying counties. She was responsible for maintaining existing school system relationships and ensuring program quality in her regions. In this role, she reached over 10,000 students and hundreds of volunteers.

Lene’s passion for the nonprofit sector is evident. Before joining JA, she worked with Blossoms of Hope in Howard County. Most recently, she served as an Associate Director with Stringfellow Management Group, where she managed two non-profit professional organizations with a focus on certification, membership and conference planning.

Lene is looking forward to resuming her fulfilling work with JA in her new position.

“I am most excited to meet new people and catch up with some old friends. The relationships made here are definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of the job,” she says.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with JA, drop Lene a message here.

Kristy Memphis is currently a marketing intern at JA of Central Maryland. She is a Communication, Technology, and Culture major at Bridgewater College, and a Political Science minor. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in May 2020.

From the Golf Course to the Bowling Alley

As Team CohnReznick prepared for their annual JA Bowl-a-Thon, the long-time supporters took to the golf course first to make sure their fundraising efforts were on par.

A week before their JA Bowl-a-Thon date, about 50 golfers hit the green in support of JA kids at Greystone Golf Course.

“The golf outing has historically been good for employee morale and encouraging camaraderie amongst our fellow co-workers all the while supporting one of our charity partners,” said John Malek, Audit Senior Associate at CohnReznick.

Malek, who led the golf outing, is no stranger to JA.

“I have supported Junior Achievement through the annual JA Bowl-a-Thon since I started at CohnReznick over 5 years ago,” added Malek. “I thought it was a great opportunity to combine the two, selecting JA as this year’s charity recipient of the proceeds.”

This internal outing raised about $2,000, which CohnReznick employees added to their overall JA Bowl-a-Thon fundraising of over $4,300, which garnered them the “Top Fundraiser” winner from their event.

Now, CohnReznick can proudly display their trophy for all to see!

Kristy Memphis is currently a marketing intern at JA of Central Maryland. She is a Communication, Technology, and Culture major at Bridgewater College, and a Political Science minor. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in May 2020.

JA Summer Camper Turns JA Leader

At nine years old, Dontae Smith was an eager summer camper attending JA SUPER Summer Camp for the very first time.

“My school did not participate in JA BizTown, so camp was my only chance to experience it,” said Smith.

“If I would not have come to JA BizTown on my own, I would not have learned how to write a check or know what a CEO or a CFO is because they didn’t teach that kind of stuff at school,” he added.

Now, Dontae is eighteen years old and a third-year camp counselor – a very different experience from being a camper – he will tell you.

“It’s different because I have a more active role in the camp process. I get to see more aspects of JA BizTown and really understand what goes into the sessions. This leadership role has allowed me to be more involved in the learning process of it all,” said Smith.

As a camp counselor, Dontae is excited to impart all the things he learned during his time at JA BizTown to the new campers.

“I learned about business management, using a checkbook, healthy investments, financial literacy, leadership, communication skills, problem solving, and working under pressure for a specific goal,” said Smith.

JA not only helped Dontae gain stronger financial skills, but he also realized his dreams of owning a business. This fall, he is headed to Towson University to major in Criminal Justice, inspired by his father’s career as a police officer, but plans to minor in Business Administration with the hopes of one day owning his own restaurant. He feels confident to take on this challenge thanks to his time at camp.

His experience as a camper, volunteer and now counselor has convinced him that everyone should be part of Junior Achievement if given the chance.

“JA BizTown is not just fun; it teaches a lot of useable skills that are needed later in life, and more kids should have that knowledge,” Smith said.

Kristy Memphis is currently a marketing intern at JA of Central Maryland. She is a Communication, Technology, and Culture major at Bridgewater College, and a Political Science minor. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in May 2020.

Annapolis Mayor’s Son Follows in His Dad’s Footsteps at JA BizTown

JA BizTown’s City Hall was abuzz when Mayor Miles Buckley was sworn into office. Citizens cheering, media interviews to schedule and votes to capture, but he knew the big shoes he had to fill taking on this role.

The fifth grader at Annapolis Elementary is also the son of Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley.

“He’s called ‘mini mayor’ at home, so I was thrilled to hear that he was going to be the mayor of JA BizTown,” added Mayor Buckley. “He wanted to wear a black tie and jacket like his dad.”

“I wanted to become the mayor of JA BizTown to see what it would be like to do my dad’s job for a day,” said Miles.

While Miles was eager to be JA BizTown Mayor, he was even more excited to have his dad by his side for his busy schedule, which included speaking at town hall meetings, media interviews, assigning job responsibilities, properly budgeting money for JA BizTown and more.

“The process to become mayor was so realistic, that his inauguration reminded me of my inauguration about a year ago,” said Mayor Buckley, who mentored his son through the JA BizTown experience.

“I love that he is campaigning, balancing a budget, and being held responsible for what makes you sometimes unpopular to others. It is exciting for him to have such an experience handling real-world dilemmas that most adults take for granted. I hope that Miles will leave JA BizTown understanding how to budget money, and the importance of spending only what you make,” said Mayor Buckley.

For now, Miles will head back to the classroom and let his father get back to work.

“Being mayor is more difficult than I thought. I thought that my dad just completed paperwork all day. I did not think that I would have to create budgets, attend interviews and juggle meetings the entire day. I don’t think this job is for me, I will leave it to my dad,” said Miles.

DeJonna Farrar is a marketing intern at Junior Achievement. She is a Business Communication major at Stevenson University who graduates with her Bachelor of Science in May 2019. Her primary focus within her major is marketing.

Bloom into Spring While Supporting JA Kids!

Talk about “flower power!” We’re excited to announce that Flowers & Fancies, a local Baltimore florist, will feature a beautifully designed flower arrangement especially for friends and supporters of Junior Achievement of Central Maryland. Through the Blooms 4 A Better Bmore campaign, 50% of every JA flower arrangement sold will be donated back to our organization.

The customized arrangement seen here is available in one size and could be just the surprise you were looking for to let someone special know how much you care. With upcoming dates celebrating nurses, teachers, mothers and other important people in our lives, select the JA flower arrangement through Flowers & Fancies and you can also feel good about supporting more than 48,000 local students as they work with JA to turn their dreams into plans.

Since 1971, Flowers & Fancies has brought the finest varieties of fresh flowers and plants from local growers and worldwide farms to Central Maryland. Specializing in same-day deliveries, weddings, corporate events and parties. They also feature the largest walk-in cooler in the state of Maryland. Each quarter, Flowers & Fancies selects a worthy organization such as JA and creates a signature flower arrangement to bring awareness to their work in the Baltimore community.

Brighten someone’s day with this beautiful bouquet and support JA!

To purchase this special arrangement, click here.

DeJonna Farrar is a marketing intern at Junior Achievement. She is a Business Communication major at Stevenson University who graduates with her Bachelor of Science in May 2019. Her primary focus within her major is marketing.

An Unforgettable Journey

For a fifth grader, JA BizTown is an unforgettable trip, one where students learn how to write a check, where they get their first paycheck, and where they learn how to run a business. Those are just some of the memories Genevieve Stakias remembers.

Genevieve was the CFO at Bank of America when she first attended JA BizTown a decade ago with her classmates at Riderwood Elementary.

“I still can remember preparing at school for the field trip,” she says. “I was CFO of Bank of America, processing payroll, handling bills, and processing loans. I still even have my lanyard. Not only was the experience wonderful, but the volunteers were extremely helpful. They allowed us to run the businesses on our own but ensured that we were on track and benefitting from the program.” Genevieve had such an awesome experience during her school’s visit that she begged her mom to sign her up for that summer’s JA BizTown camp.

Now a senior at Towson University, Genevieve works as a program intern with JA. Through this role, she has had the opportunity to see JA BizTown through a different lens -- one in which she is responsible for preparing school materials, organizing inventory, and ensuring that the program is set and ready to inspire the next generation of leaders.

“I saw the internship opportunity at TU, and the name Junior Achievement was very familiar. Then I remembered my great experience at JA BizTown and learning about real-world economic experiences. From there, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity for me,” she recalls.

Genevieve, who grew up in Maryland, also coaches basketball, and fluently speaks Greek, Italian, and Spanish. At Towson University she majors in family studies with an interest in human services.

Genevieve loves JA and recommends that more interns apply for the opportunity to be a part of an organization that focuses on real-world experiences for children.

DeJonna Farrar is a marketing intern at Junior Achievement. She is a Business Communication major at Stevenson University who graduates with her Bachelor of Science in May 2019. Her primary focus within her major is marketing.

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Drinks With the CEO Pours a New Strategy of Innovation

JA Associate Leadership Council members benefited from an impactful and thought-provoking session with gracious host and speaker Think | Stack CEO Chris Sasche. He shared insight into his leadership style and company mission to deliver innovation in the tech space.

Sasche shared his entrepreneurial journey and how Think | Stack has evolved in eight years as a growing IT design and cyber governance company serving credit unions across the country. From internal processes to changing the company’s name, attendees saw how pivoting and innovation played a huge role for staff and workflows. Notably, Sasche emphasized his company’s priorities around providing a great digital experience, offered targeted expertise, and being a trusted partner to clients.

“As we grew and brought more people on, the biggest challenge was our internal storytelling,” Sasche explained about why the company rebranded.

So, what does a CEO like Sasche wish he could do over? Finding a mentor sooner rather than later. (We couldn't agree more!) Initially his education in leadership and experience in the field drove his entrepreneurial spirit. Now he credits the help of two mentors who have become “sounding boards.”

Sasche sees the importance of mentorship and is currently providing guidance to young Baltimore entrepreneurs grow their business through the Emerging Tech Center, which provides a community of tech-savvy, innovative and entrepreneurial people looking for creative collaboration to accelerate their growth potential and make a powerful economic impact. Additionally, he also works with organizations like JA and Year Up.

“I get just as much education from mentoring as they do. It forces me to look into things they are talking about and read up about it,” said Sasche.

Severn Entrepreneurs Go Into Business

It's not easy being the new kids on the block, but these entrepreneurs are leading the way at Severn School.

12 students have been exploring business opportunities since mid-October, creating 4 different ventures between them.

One of the ideas included a music app venture that would show students what songs their peers were listening to. 

"I've always thought about starting a company like this, but I never took that next step with production," said Jackson Gunhus. 

Research from Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young LLP showed that 41 percent of teens would consider entrepreneurship as a career option, yet only 6 percent of teen boys have started a business and only 4 percent of teen girls have done the same. The study was conducted by Wakefield Research between October 15 and October 22.

To learn more about JA Company Program at Severn School, click here.

5 Minutes with JA's New Team Members

Our newest JA employees are full steam ahead as the 2018-19 school year rages on, so what better time to catch up with a few new faces at JA.  

Meet our Special Events Manager Paige McFeely
Paige McFeely is already feeling at home at JA. Her new workspace is bright and cheery just like her personality. Prior to joining us, Paige was a second grade teacher at North Glen Elementary in Anne Arundel County where she worked closely with community partners to organize fundraisers and community events. Now, she gets to take her love of events and passion for empowering the next generation into a newly created role at JA.

As the Special Events Manager, she will lead, plan and execute all JA-hosted fundraising events in this newly created position. From managing timelines to creating event program content, she will be working closely with event attendees and corporate sponsors.

“My favorite part of events is watching them come to fruition,” said McFeely.

This crafty woodworker is a natural DIY prodigy. Just wait until you see what she has in store for JA Office Warriors – her first official JA event!

“I started to pick up woodworking in middle school. My dad makes furniture, so I guess you could say I inherited it,” said McFeely.

We think she inherited her love for JA, too! Paige’s first introduction to the organization was through her mother, a former JA Regional Manager serving students in York, PA.

Meet our JA BizTown Manager Brittany Riggins
Another new face to JA will soon become a popular one with our volunteers, educators and students! Brittany Riggins is charged with managing and supervising our elementary capstone program JA BizTown. She will lead and direct volunteers, students, educators, and staff during the simulation as well as recruit schools for participation and create the annual program calendar for visiting schools.

Previously, Brittany was an assistant guide and program director at Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School and over the summer served as a supervisor and science specialist for a summer camp experience at Jewish Community Center. 

There is no doubt that Brittany has always had a passion for helping kids. It’s something she knew at a very young age.

“I wanted to make a difference by connecting with each and every one of my students on an individual level. At an early age I worked for my grandmother who owns her own daycare and my vision was to take it over, but as I reached college teaching seemed more logical,” added Riggins. “In my first year of teaching, one of my kids had hearing loss, so I taught myself sign language and redesigned my classroom to help her learn to sign. It was in that moment I realized I had made a difference beyond anything I had ever done before. Children feed my soul, they are the reason why I push myself harder.”

While Brittany may have coined herself as a “techie,” her JA colleagues concur. She’s regularly chatting about the latest and greatest new tech gadgets.

“I love wireless earbuds, wireless charger ports, chrome books, and I’m obsessed with Fitbit and all of their products!” said Riggins.

So where does this love for technology come from?

“My grandfather is a huge “techie” and I somehow grew up learning how to build computers. He could fix anything, but then it would break weeks or months later and he’d blame it on the software,” said Riggins.

JA Rising Women Program Extends in Howard County

The Women's Giving Circle of Howard County granted $60,000 to our JA Rising Women program to give local female students the opportunity to start their own companies under the mentorship of volunteers from the business community.

The Women’s Giving Circle is made up of philanthropists dedicated to creating opportunities that address the needs of women and girls in the Howard County area.

"We are thrilled to continue our wonderful partnership with JA of Central Maryland on the JA Rising Women program,” said Barb Van Winkle, head chairwoman of the Women’s Giving Circle. “It's exciting to be able to fund another 3 years of this exceptional entrepreneurship program for girls that has yielded clear results and has exceeded our expectations across the board. This funding partnership has been possible because of the support of our many donors, and in particular, the strong, meaningful leadership of WGC donors Bach and Bob Jeffrey. We are looking forward to three more years of this strong funding partnership, together!”

The $60K donation will be distributed to Rising Women program over the next three years. $25K of the total grant will be coming from Bob and Bach Jeffrey, both heavily involved in JA of Central Maryland and the Women’s Giving Circle.

“Having participated in JA myself as a student, I know firsthand the long-term benefits of practical, hands-on business education exposure at an early age. Bach and I are grateful to make it our priority to give the same opportunity back,” said Bob Jeffrey. “We’ve seen two Howard County Rising Women programs advance to the JA National Student Leadership Summit and are honored to help fuel this momentum. Every student should have a chance to introduce their innovations on such a large stage.”

JA Rising Women has launched seven new student-run companies which have earned more than $3,000. These profits have been donated back into the community, benefitting local organizations such as the Howard County Food Bank, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Special Olympics, and the Linus Project.

“We are incredibly honored and thankful for this generous donation from the Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County and our long-time friends, the Jeffrey family,” said Jennifer Bodensiek, President and CEO of Junior Achievement. “With this continued support we can strengthen our Rising Women program and empower the next generation of women business leaders to inspire, innovate and excel.”

The JA Rising Women program provides real-world experiences to help build entrepreneurial and business mindsets in young women.

The fall cohort begins October 3 hosted by Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE). To learn more about becoming a program mentor, contact Nick Anderson at nanderson@jamaryland.org.

Coffee with the CEO Delivers Future Leaders

There’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee and great conversation – and JA’s Associate Leadership Council’s 2nd annual Coffee with the CEO event delivered both!

This special event held at Price Modern featured not one, but four CEO’s! The panel of Accelerent’s top CEO’s included Bill Cole of Cole Roofing, Bill Heiser of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Kelly Mitchell of ImpactHR, and Mark Stevens of Snowden Lane Wealth Management moderated by Dave Hartman of Hartman Executive Advisors.

Panelists provided first-hand accounts of client relationships, lessons learned from past failures, and painted an in-depth picture on the art of relationship building. A consistent message of authenticity, transparency, and generosity were echoed by all.

“Give and it’ll give back to you. When I learned to give first, then the floodgates opened,” said Stevens.

This informative, engaging and relevant conversation gave attendees a realistic approach to navigating leadership in today's society with outside-of-the-box thinking to put into action across industries.

The conversation sparked lively questions and further networking for all including a special tour of Price Modern’s space to see the newest trends sweeping across offices.

Special thanks to Accelerent, the panelists, and our gracious host for bringing everyone together to foster future success in Baltimore business.

Illuminating a Brighter Pathway

In just three days, 60 high school girls and more than 120 professional mentors made JA Her Path to Promise, presented by Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA), an unforgettable and powerful experience -- tripling in size since last year! 


Held at Towson University, this intensive summer program connected high school girls from The Y in Central Maryland and Girls Empowerment Mission (GEM) to new opportunities--including exposure to college campuses, career opportunities, female mentors, and hands-on activities--to begin the process of preparing for a successful life after graduation from high school.

The young women participated in various sessions and activities about professional business wear, confidence building, leadership skills, and college applications. One of the most memorable experiences included the mock interviews, where students had a chance to practice their interviewing skills and receive beneficial feedback to put into use. 

“My favorite part of JA Her Path to Promise was the mock interviews because it showed us what it would be like when we really step into an interview," said Zoie, a JA Her Path to Promise student participant.

Students enjoyed an inspiring networking luncheon sponsored by Tenable, which included three leading ladies in their industries: Dr. Deb Moriarty, Vice President for Student Affairs, Towson University; Jill Shapiro, Senior Director of Global Government Affairs, Tenable; and Britta Vander Linden, Director of Partnerships and Program Development, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation. They provided words of wisdom to our participants about finding their path within their passions.

JA Her Path to Promise ended on a high note, where students heard an expert HR panel including Jennifer Ghazzouli, Vice President and Managing Director of Talent Acquisition, One Main Financial; Mark Hornberger, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer, CPI New Options Group; Ashley Graham, Human Resources Generalist PANDORA; and Phaedra Stewart, Vice President of Human Resources, Lifebridge Health. They provided invaluable insight to stand out as a job candidate. Then, students put their knowledge and experience to the test at a career fair to meet and discuss future opportunities with local companies such as EZ Shield, Starbucks, Morgan Stanley, Whiting Turner and others.

“I know that the intent was to inspire the girls as they embark on their future, but I left feeling extremely inspired myself. They are a fantastic group of determined, motivated, smart young women and I have no doubt that they will achieve amazing things,” said Graham.

“JA Her Path to Promise does a great job helping girls find out about available career opportunities and some that I didn't even knew existed. I learned that if I put forth effort and determination, I can achieve my career goals,” said Irishia, a JA Her Path to Promise student. “The mock interviews boosted my confidence and strengthened my skills for interviews in my future.”

Click here for additional photos from JA Her Path to Promise. 

Click here to see Towson University's coverage of the event.

Howard County Students Dive into the Uncharted Waters of Business

When Chesapeake Charms CEO Barathi Aravindan joined JA Rising Women in 2017, she thought it would be “just another program” that her mother encouraged her to attend. Now, it’s something that has changed her career trajectory. 

"After participating in JA Rising Women, I realized business was the field for me. I discovered something that finally utilized my skills and interested me,” said Aravindan, who is headed to University of Maryland this fall to major in finance and participate in the entrepreneurship and innovation honors program.

Aravindan and her 16 colleagues – fellow Howard County high school students – found a fashionable way to save the Chesapeake Bay through their business venture, Chesapeake Charms. The young entrepreneurs designed charm bracelets featuring three species native to the Chesapeake Bay, including the loggerhead sea turtle, Eastern Oyster, and blue crab, which sold out in less than two weeks from launch. After reaching their sales goals, the company donated $1,000 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Chesapeake Charms was selected as one of 14 teams to compete at JA National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) in Washington, D.C. to demonstrate their business acumen, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking on a national stage, while showcasing their companies to members of Congress and business leaders.

“The NSLS competition is rough, but everyone is open to learning new ideas. The biggest impact for me was the FedEx seminar, where I realized how global connectivity is important for a successful business and it inspired new ideas of bringing Chesapeake Charms, at the very least, nationwide,” said Marketing Director Ashley Chen. “I also learned how the business world really does need more women.”

As the only all-women student company represented at NSLS, Chen’s thoughts were echoed by her peers, who enjoyed aspects such as networking, educational workshops, and competitive events. For Erin Duncan, chief financial officer, the experience was unforgettable, even though Chesapeake Charms did not win.

“NSLS gave me a chance to experience networking as a real businesswoman. Overall it was a fun business experience that most high schoolers never get the chance to experience,” added Duncan. “We also participated in multiple workshops with C-suite mentors on what it means to be an entrepreneur in your innovation, social responsibility, and global impact. I expect the lessons I learned from JA Rising Women and NSLS to lead me into a strong business-guided future.”

With a year full of new experiences, JA entrepreneurs received an authentic look at the business world, but it’s impact is even greater. Kathy Tran, vice president of sales, felt her JA experience “played a large role” in her personal growth, particularly building her leadership skills.

“JA Rising Women not only taught me about the business world and what it means to be an entrepreneur, but it also taught me to be more confident,” added Aravindan. “I hope to start my own business in the future that will give back to the community that has already given me so much.”

While Aravindan prepares for her freshman year of college this summer, her colleagues have other plans including studying for SAT’s, internships, jobs, and returning to JA Rising Women next fall.

To learn more about JA entrepreneurial programs such as JA Rising Women, contact Nick Anderson at nanderson@jamaryland.org.

Beyond the Classroom

“From high school until now, Junior Achievement has played a pivotal role in my educational success, and now I get to give back,” said Shawna Thomas, JA BizTown Program Coordinator.

The JA alumna participated in JA High School Heroes, a program that gives students the opportunity to become role models by teaching and inspiring elementary students through JA curriculum, which focuses on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Shawna participated in her junior and senior years at New Town High in Baltimore County. Through the program, she strengthened her public speaking and presentation skills, gained exposure and work experience teaching in the classroom, and collaborated with her classmates while developing leadership skills.

Graduating this May at Stevenson University (SU), Shawna is using many of the skills she gained from JA not only in her academics, but also in her work as a leader outside of her classes. She serves as secretary of SU’s Black Student Union, the president of the English Club, and a former speaker at SU’s open houses with the English Department.

“JA allowed me to channel leadership skills that I did not know I possessed,” added Thomas. “I felt more confident in my abilities to speak to people other than my peers. I’ve also improved my communication, leadership, and problem solving skills and use it in college.”

Now, these skills are also benefitting Shawna in her JA BizTown role, where she empowers students beyond the classroom. Shawna ensures JA BizTown runs as smoothly as possible by assisting eager fifth graders as they run the simulated city for the day. In JA BizTown, students gain an understanding of personal finance, job responsibilities, teamwork and collaboration, and how they fit into a real-world environment. She is helping students thrive in this unforgettable experience.

“It is an honor to be able to work with such an amazing group of individuals to plant and cultivate seeds in children’s lives,” said Thomas.

Hannah Humphries is a program intern at Junior Achievement. She is an English major at Stevenson University who will graduate with her BA in May 2018. Her primary focus within her major is creative writing. She loves semi-colons, but hates exclamation points, though she makes some exceptions when writing about JA.

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