JA SUPER Summer Camp

Imagine getting your dream job, operating the business, creating product mock-ups and marketing plans, honing your money management skills and running an entire city– as a youth.

Junior Achievement of Central Maryland (JACMD) will offer young people ages 9 to 12 the opportunity to do all this and more during the 10th season of JA BizTown® Summer Venture.
The camp will take place within the simulated city space of JA BizTown. As one of 24 JA BizTown facilities in the United States, this miniature town comprises City Hall, a bank, radio station, television station, business and insurance office, newspaper office, cafe, distribution center, investment office, science lab and retail shops.
Great for children who have visited JA BizTown and newcomers alike, the Summer Venture offers an in-depth experience running JA BizTown, while focusing on additional activities around work readiness and entrepreneurship. They also will have the opportunity to participate in Fit N Fun fitness activities and challenges in conjunction with JA's partnership with the Y of Central Maryland.
Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
JA AfterSchool Elementary School
Program Concepts Program Skills
Advertising, Business management, Careers, Check register, Circular flow, Economics, Financial Institutions, Free enterprise, Goods and services, Interests and skills, Jobs, Operating costs, Payment methods, Performance evaluation, Personal finance, Quality business, Resources (natural, human and capital), Running a business, Scarcity, and Soft Skills Active listening, Applying Information, Brainstorming, Calculation, Charting, Collaboration, Communication (verbal and written), Comparing and contrasting, Computation, Cooperation, Creativity, Critical thinking, Data collection and interpretation, Decision making, Definitions, Demonstration, Describing consequences, Determining cause and effect, Filling out forms, Following written and oral directions, Graphing, Identifying, Interview skills, Listening, Observing, Organizing, Planning, Price setting, Problem solving, Reading for information, Research, Resume preparation, Role-playing, Self-reflection, Showing responsibility, Soft skills (customer service, punctuality, and dressing appropriately), Spending, Teamwork, Time management, Writing.

Program Sessions


Campers learn about the importance of community leadership and recieve lessons on work-readiness.


Campers learn about financial responsibilities, participate in a career fair, and later hold the town elections.


Campers stay busy by creating business plans, preparing budgets, determining inventory and getting the businesses customer-ready.


Thursday is payday! Campers carry out their job responsibilities and track their personal spending while shopping after they receive paychecks.


Friday focuses on entrepreneurship. Campers will collaborate to create a new business and/or product and then present their plans in a "Shark Tank" event with judges.

Program Videos