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jA BizTown Volunteer FAQ's

What is the time commitment?

There will be thirty minutes of online training a few days before your visit and the volunteer shift on the day of your visit will be for 5.5 hours.

What training will I receive?

On the simulation day, volunteers arrive at JA BizTown 1 hour before the students for a 30-minute group training and a 30-minute in-shop training

Where are you located and is there parking available?

The JA BizTown facility is in the Short North, on 2nd Ave between High Street and Summit Avenue. Our address is 68 E 2nd Avenue, Columbus, OH  43201.  You will be able to park for free in lot on the west side (High Street side) of our building.
Please disregard signage for paid parking. This only applies after 5 PM. 

What do I do for lunch?

For security reasons, we ask volunteers not to leave the building during the simulation.  Each volunteer should bring a packed lunch. We do not have refrigeration on site.  However, we do have a microwave available for use.
Volunteers do not need to bring a drink.  The Donatos "staff" will sell beverages during lunch and all volunteers receive a free drink.

What is the suggested dress code for volunteers?

Volunteers should dress "business casual" and wear comfortable shoes as will be on your feet for most of the day. We suggest you dress in layers as the temperature in our building fluctuates.

What time do volunteers arrive and leave?

Arrival and departure times vary every day as they are based upon each school's transportation needs. Volunteers arrive one hour before the students for training and stay for the entire simulation. Generally, the 5.5-hour volunteer shift is between 8:00am and 2:30pm. Specific arrival and departure times will be listed on your volunteer registration and will be emailed to you prior to your JA BizTown day.
I want to volunteer, but it looks like a lot of information. Will there be support for volunteers?  
We have several JA BizTown Instructors on site each day to help you. The good news is that you don't have to be a JA BizTown expert! It's not your job to tell the kids what to do … it's your job to ask them what they think they should do! 

I understand that you don't assign parent volunteers to their child's shop.  Why?

We tell the kids they are "grown ups" at JA BizTown. We believe it's hard for the kids to be "grown-ups" if mom or dad are right there in the shop. We suggest that you arrange a "business lunch" with them in the Town Square!

I want to volunteer, but I have to get other kids to school in the morning. Can I still come?

We ask volunteers to arrive one hour before the students so they can get complete training. There's a lot of information and it is important that volunteers show up at the scheduled arrival time. Please contact JA BizTown Program Manager Diane Betteridge at dbetteridge@jacols.org with any additional questions.

I want to volunteer, but I don't have daycare. Can I bring my younger children?

So that you can concentrate on the kids in your shop, we do not allow younger siblings at JA BizTown.

I am not able to volunteer. Can I just drop by and watch my child "work"?

No. For security reasons, JA BizTown does not allow "pop in" parents. If you wish to come to JA BizTown, you must register as a volunteer and stay for the entire simulation.

I love what you do!  How do I find out more other volunteer opportunities with Junior Achievement of Central Ohio?

Thank you! Junior Achievement provides K-12 programs which inspire and prepare young people for the business of life. If you would like information about how to volunteer in the classroom with other JA programs, please email Stephanie Patton, JA In-Class Program Manager, or call (614) 318-2532

I see lots of great sponsors listed on your website.  How do I find out more information about involving my business with Junior Achievement?

Thank you.  We are grateful for the support of such an engaged, generous community!   For more information about how businesses can partner with Junior Achievement, please email Amanda Turner, Vice President of Development and Communications, or call (614) 704-3707.
  • "I can't think of a better gift for kids than to prepare them for success in the real world." - Aaron Bahe, Columbus City School Teacher

  • "I loved being the mayor of JA BizTown. I now have a good understanding of how busy business can be." - Gabbie Schneider, JA BizTown Student

  • "I loved my job as the CFO! It was so much fun. If I did this everyday it would be great!" - JA BizTown Student

  • "Kids are capable of more than we know. JA is a great way to demonstrate the real life skills they will all need." JA of Central Ohio Volunteer

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