JA Finance Park

What is JA Finance Park?

JA Finance Park is a high school program that begins in the classroom and culminates in a visit to the JA Finance Park facility. 

The students' experience begins with twelve in-class, teacher-led personal finance lessons, correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning and the W!SE checklist. The exciting, daylong visit to JA Finance Park gives students the opportunity to apply classroom learning by creating a family budget based on hypothetical life situations.

Assuming "real-life" personas, students develop a personal budget that includes expenditures for housing, savings, transportation, health care, utilities, education and much more. They recognize the impact of credit history on budget planning and purchasing options.

There is no more thorough way to educate young people than by using a practical application of knowledge. JA Finance Park gives students the opportunity to combine practical applications with the general principles they have learned in the classroom. 

The field trip is led by JA staff, but volunteers serve as mentors throughout the day, offering help in decision-making and sharing real-world experiences. Volunteers are needed throughout the year and are provided training on the day of the program.

Why is JA Finance Park important?

From volunteers:

Genworth employees

From a teacher:

Sandra Brown, Glen Allen High School

From a local supporter:

Former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke

How do I sign up for JA Finance Park?

For more information, contact Cynthia Pantaleo at cpantaleo@jatoday.org.
To volunteer, contact Emma Gleckel at egleckel@JAtoday.org.

Volunteer Role

  • Provide guidance and assistance to students.
  • Assist with student decision-making.
  • Monitor and verify students' work progress.

Volunteer Information

  • Time Commitment 7:30am/8:00am - 1:30pm/2:00pm (time varies based on school)
  • Location: Libbie Mill Library (3rd floor) - 2100 Libbie Lake East, Richmond, VA 23226
  • Training is provided the morning of the program.

Volunteers, find available dates here!

Teachers, sign up here!