JA in a Day

"What an amazing experience! The school and teachers were so welcoming and the children were beyond excited. There were just too many memorable moments to list just one or two, but I will say first graders will ask you just about anything! For the most part, the kids stayed engagaged in the lessons we were teaching. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the day went and how much the children participated. JA in a Day is a great program and I am so happy I was able to be a part of it." ~ JA in a Day Volunteer 2015

JA in a Day is a school-day event at the elementary school level. Volunteers present Junior Achievement lessons in every classroom in a single school day instead of over 5 consecutive weeks.  Programs focus on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Each JA in a Day requires approximately 40 volunteers and JA of Central Virginia offers up to fifteen of these events every year to area schools.

It's a great service option for large groups, pairs or solo volunteers!

Junior Achievement provides volunteers with a one hour training and all materials needed to present the programs. Teachers remain in the classroom the entire time and JA staff is on hand to answer any questions.  The day usually runs 5 to 6 hours long, usually beginning between 7:30am and 8:30am.



What are the benefits of JA in a Day?

  • Programs correlate to VA Standards of Learning objectives
  • Programs serve as introductions or reviews to various Economics, Math, English and Civics
  • Students have fun while learning valuable economic and business concepts in a fun, hands-on way
  • Volunteers share their experiences to enhance learning and to serve as positive role models
  • The condensed format allows more students to take advantage of Junior Achievement programs
  • Volunteers are encouraged to work in groups of two or three

To find out more, please contact Jennifer Boyle - (804) 217-8855 ext. 203


SunTrust volunteers at Blackwell Elementary's JA in a Day


Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond volunteers at Bellevue Elementary's JA in a Day

Glen Allen High School Specialty Center Students volunteer at Highland Springs Elementary


Community volunteers at Ginter Park Elementary