JA Ethics

JA Ethics, sponsored by PwC, brings volunteers into Greater Richmond classrooms to have real discussions with high school students about the importance of ethics in business.  Volunteers facilitate this one-hour program using case studies, group work and personal experience.

JA of Central VA provides you, the volunteers, with the resources, case studies and support to facilitate this program. This is your chance to experience not only what today's teens think, but how they think.

We hold conference call trainings on an as needed basis - dates vary. Contact Megan Rozyskie to express your interest.

  • Teachers, email Megan Rozyskie or call 804-217-8855 x204 to request the program for your classroom or complete a request form here.
  • Volunteers come from every industry including finance, marketing, service, education, retail and many more. At only one hour long, this program is well-suited for business leaders who want to give back but have difficulty finding time to do so. Volunteers can register here.

Here's how it works:

  1. Teachers request the JA Ethics program from JA.
  2. JA recruits volunteers. Volunteers register.
  3. Volunteers are trained and provided material by JA.
  4. JA assigns at least one class per volunteer.
  5. Volunteers and teachers communicate to coordinate and confirm the program.
  6. Volunteers teach in the classroom on the agreed upon date and time for one hour

Students benefit from the experience our volunteers bring into each classroom...


Below are some videos regarding the importance of ethics and teaching ethics:



Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Classroom-Based High School
Program Concepts Program Skills
Objectives: After this program students will be able to demonstrate the following: • Define ethics. • Apply solutions to ethical dilemmas they may encounter using personal experiences and values. • Recognize, analyze and apply ethical standards when facing pressure to act unethically.

Program Sessions

JA Ethics

     Is it Ethical?
     Activity A: High School Case Study
     Activity B: Ethics Under Pressure
     Activity C: Ethics Challenge
Summary and Review