Empowered through Ethics

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One Hour. One Classroom. Big Impact.

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Programs will take place Nov. 7 - Dec. 16, 2016

We partner with local executives and small business owners to teach today's youth that the passionate pursuit of ethics in the business world is more important than ever.  While Junior Achievement strives to prepare and inspire young people to succeed in a global economy, JA students should also know that their goals must be pursued in an ethical and moral manner.


How does it work?

  1. Teachers request the Empowered through Ethics program from JA.
  2. JA recruits volunteers. Volunteers register.
  3. JA assigns one class per volunteer (but you're welcome to sign up for more!)
  4. Volunteers and teachers communicate confirm the program.
  5. Volunteers teach in the classroom on that date for one hour.


Why should I sign up?

"My experience was more than I could ask for. The kids were engaging. Even when we went off topic I could see that they were listening. We had frank, honest and open discussions. As we discussed some of the different "What would you do" scenarios, I could see how their values were skewed by their day to day environment. I even shared some of my own shortcomings.  hope they felt that they were empowered to do the right thing "even when no one is looking or when it's not popular"

- Robert Thornhill, Ethics Volunteer

"It was a fabulous day with a very enthusiastic class!! One of the best ever!!!"

- Jack Berry, Ethics Volunteer

"This is my second year doing the program and I continue to have an excellent experience. It's a great topic for high school students to think about and understand."

- Michael Price, Ethics Volunteer

"My students loved the presentation. (My volunteer) was particularly effective because she got my students out of their seats and able to think about issues in ethics and defend their responses."

-Teacher, Atlee High School

"Students really like meeting with business/industry professionals and hearing real life ethical situations that occur in the workplace. This makes it real for them and not just something they read online or in a book." 

-Teacher, Chesterfield Tech Center

"A very worthwhile discussion; using ethics in everyday decision making. My students seemed to take what each speaker had to say to heart. How do I know this? The fact that students continued to talk about it after the presentations."

- Teacher, Patrick Henry High School