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JA's Contributors Really Do Make A Difference

All donations are gratefully accepted and fully used to support and expand JA programs in our community.

Platinum Model for the Nation - $100,000+
Bryan C. Cressey
The Crown Family
Premier Model for the Nation - $50,000 - $99,999
Dick and Jen Ashley
S&E Bramsen Foundation
Richard L. Duchossois
Mary and Paul Finnegan
Richard and Susan Lenny
Patrick G. & Shirley Ryan Foundation
Outreach Plus- $25,000 - $49,999
Patrice P. DeCorrevont
The Knight Family Foundation
David and Daryl Nelms 
Peggy and Dick Notebaert
Edmond & Alice Opler Foundation
Frank & Karen Ptak Family Foundation
Bob and Linda Sullivan
Norm and Kim Wesley
Kim and Miles White
Outreach- $10,000 - $24,999
Colleen and Biff Bowman
David R. Casper
Robert and Christina Chodos
Maxine P. and W. James Farrell 
Kevin Hartman
John and Joan Horne
Kay and Fred Krehbiel
Lavin Family Foundation
Katie Lawler
F. David Leiter, Jr.
Mansueto Foundation
David Marberger
Bob and Susan Morrison
Cathy & Bill Osborn
Bob and Betty Parkinson
Jim and Molly Perry
Purcell Charitable Foundation
Mary Beth and Tom Richards
The Scott and Nancy Santi Fund
Katherine M. Scherer
Rod and Kim Schrader
The Speer Family 
Stephenson Family Foundation
Achievement - $5,000 - $9,999
Constantine G. Alexandrakis
Barbara Bere' Foundation, Inc.
Kathy and Tom Bindley
Dean and Rosemarie Buntrock
Alexander and Deirdre Campbell
Richard and Elizabeth Cashin
Greg and Mamie Case Charitable Fund
William and Jenifer Chase
Peter Colley
Tyson Cornell
Thomas Curnes
Robert D. Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. Marc D. Davenport
Karla Dearstyne
Bob Dutzi
Edwardson Family Foundation
David Farrell
James D. Fields
Kristen & Mark Freund
Georgiadis Family Fund
James and Louise Glasser
Stephen and Sharon Grabek
Paul D. & Sherry L. Green Charitable Fund
Chip W. Hardt
Sondra and Denis Healy
Steve and Robin Henn
Michael F. Hughes
Jose' A. Isasi, II
George E. Johnson
Anthony K. Kesman
John and Holly Madigan
Michael D. Martens
McNamara Purcell Foundation
The Bari Michelon Family Foundation
J. David and Katy Pepper
Amy L. Pflueger
Bruce and Ann Piller
James and Marilyn Rozsypal
Mark Roche
John and Jeanne Rowe
Patrick Roxworthy
Satter Foundation
James and Kathleen Skinner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Vogel
Kristi Weaver
Zell Family Foundation
Key Contributors - $1,000 - $4,999
Mr. & Mrs. Hall (Cap) Adams, Jr.
Daniel and Jennifer Van Aken
Jeffrey and Megan Albee
John P. Amboian
Bruce A. Anderson
Steve and Susan Battreall
Melissa L. Bean
Hillary Bochniak
William and Joan Brodsky
Neal J. Campbell
Elzbieta Choina
Thomas Clarkson
Michael Clune
John J. Compernolle
Kevin M. Connelly
John X. Costello
Anne Crees
William Crowe
Marsha Cruzan
Sandy and Ron Daffe'
Michael Darrow
Kenneth and Rima Daubenspeck
Barry Dauber
Kent & Elizabeth Dauten
J.R. and Dawn Davis
Ghram Debes
David Dees
Shawn Dorgan
Dowdle Family Foundation
John Dvorak 
Charles B. Edelstein
Lori Elder
Lindy R. Ellis
Allen J. Fagel
James G. Fitzgerald
Joseph Fitzpatrick
Maureen K. Flood
Susan and Jeffery Forsell
Ian Foster
Eugene and Ruth Freedman Family Foundation
Bon and Hollis French
Michael M. Froy
Jason Fues
Ronald Genty
Gary Gertsman
Peter Gillespie
Shelley Goodman
Stacie Graham
Alan C. Greenwell
Natalia and Todd Griesbach
James L. Griffin
Anders Gustafsson
Tom and Louise Hayden
Roberto R. Herencia
Robert Hogan
Glenn Hollister
Dennis D. Howarter
Thomas F. Hurka
Neill Jakobe
James V. James
Tiffany Jedlicka
Donna Jennings
Sheila Johnsen
Annie and Gregory K. Jones
Brett W. Jorstad
Bill Kapraun
Neil Kawashima
Kip Kelley
Ian Kopelman
Donna Kopera
Kevin Lamb
Steven Lamon
David Landahl
Jason W. and Susan R. Levin
Stephen M. Levitas
Edward M. Liddy
Thomas J. Mazzetta
Anthony McCain
Terry McCafferty
Carla R. Michelotti
Pamela Miles
Paul Miller
Aaron D. Miner
T. Drew Mitchell
George Montgomery
Heather A. Mooney
Brian Morgan
Michael H. Moskow
Mark Neaman
Stephen and Carola Nesbitt
Todd E. Novak
James J. O'Connor
Roger Odle
Robert O'Keef
Donald J. Ortegel
Charmaine Owens
Thomas J. Paleka
Todd A. Papa
Alberto Paracchini
Tiffani J. Pierson
Irwin Press
Anthony Pricco
Chris Raimondo
Craig L. Richey
Larry D. Richman
John Rodi
The Family of John W. Rogers
Matthew Roszark
Gordon and Carole Segal
Rex and Barbara Sessions
Stephen E. Sheridan
Luis M. Sierra
Harold B. Smith
Paul Spanier
Denis and Rose Springer
Susan and Tom Staab
Steven D. Starzynski
James P. Stauner
Bob Stewart
Harrison and Lois Steans
Craige Stout
Steven J. Strobel
Pamela and Russ Strobel
Brigid L. Tabour
Randall L. Tavierne
Michael A. Thompson
Richard Tinberg
Alexander Toland
Michael & Margaret Tower
Mary Ann Travers
Shannon and Timothy Vantassel
Donn T. Vucovich
Cate and Rick Waddell
Colleen Warner
Kevin Ward
Alex Washington
Bryn Wiley
Steve and Terri Winter
Susan and Michael Yadgar


  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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