JA's mission is to inspire and prepare

young people for success!


Who We Serve:

We serve students. Junior Achievement students practice the principles of financial management, along with developing the 21st century skills necessary to succeed in a global workforce.  In addition to learning how to make and manage money, and how to become work and career ready, students are empowered to explore their potential to become successful entrepreneurs – even while they are in school.

We serve teachers. Educators invite Junior Achievement volunteers into their classrooms because JA volunteers and program materials offer educators an exciting learning environment that gives students a real-world perspective. JA programs content supports and enhances state education standards, the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) to help students achieve educators' learning objectives.

We serve schools. Thanks to volunteer and financial support from the local community, JA programs are offered at no cost to students or schools.

We serve our community. Junior Achievement inspires and prepares students for success in work and life, providing a strong workforce to continue the economic growth of the Fort Worth community. JA programs provide companies with great employee engagement activities that allow critical business success.

By 2020, around the world, there is likely to be a shortage of approximately 40 million high-skilled workers and 45 million medium-skilled workers.

83% of surveyed HR executives indicated personal financial challenges had a large impact or some impact on overall employee performance.

JA provides a solution by showing students how money, careers, and business ownership work with the help of volunteer role models from the community and proven programs.