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ja company program

The JA Company Program® introduces students to the key elements involved in organizing and operating a business while empowering them to solve problems and address local needs through the entrepreneurial spirit. The JA Company Program® focuses on building 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, decision-making, and much more.

High school students from across the region attend weekly meetings at various host sites to experience what it takes to own a small business. Students work with their peers and corporate volunteers to organize and operate an actual business, undergoing every step from product creation to liquidation. The volunteers offer guidance along the way, but the company is truly run by the students themselves.


The program lasts for 15 weeks, with students meeting once a week at an assigned corporate host site. Corporate host sites include: Accenture, Aqua America, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Ernst and Young, Evolve IP, IKEA, Investor Schooling, Pfizer, SAP America and Voya Financial. 

the hartford

Thank you to The Hartford for sponsoring the JA Company Program® again this year! 
During the 15 weeks, students not only create their own company, but they are also responsible for marketing their products as well. To accomplish this, the companies are required to create commercials. They also create websites and social media pages. The students submitted their commercials into the JA Company Program® You Choose Award competition each year. Check out their work and who the winner was here.
More Information
If you or someone you know is in high school (grades 9-12) and interested in learning more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, email Stuart Younger or call (610)  230-3367 for more information. Or, read over the Frequently Asked Questions.
Regardless of whether we personally visit your high school or not, ALL high school students are welcome to participate!

ja company program


2018-2019 Student Companies

Take a look at the companies listed below. Each was created this year with current high school students, who were mentored by their Host Site volunteers. Their social media and websites are listed - you can event support each by purchasing products! At the end of the program, awards were given at our annual JA Company Program® Competition held each spring.
BamBag--Evolve IP
Reusable Bamboo Straw
At BamBag, we have a strong sense of sustainability and seek to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean because of how great a dilemma it has become. With our reusable canvas straw bag, you eliminate the need for plastic bags because our bags are multi-purposeful. Our bamboo straws are handcrafted in Bali and are 100% organic, and come with a reusable produce bag and straw cleaner. These straws show our embrace of the Earth because they are made from renewable resources that won't harm our planet, plants!
Stress Kit
The Breathe Company created a unique and immediate way of relieving stress with a product that contains an assortment of items which have been proven to relieve stress. The Company's mission was to create a product that would be capable of alleviating stress among teenagers and adults in a refreshing and effective manner. The product is accessible at school, work, or on the go.
Reusable clay airfreshner with essential oils
Want to capture that new car smell? Or maybe freshen up your bathroom? Well
Clayroma is just the thing for you! Clayroma is a student run company selling essential oil infused
clay air fresheners. Our lavender and citrus oils leaves any space smelling brand new for a solid 1
– 2 weeks. Our mission is to donate 10% of our net proceeds to America Forests, allowing the
world to breathe clean!
Upcycled denim bags
With a goal of transforming unwanted clothing into functional products,
Denim2Denim addressed the problem of textile waste by developing three styles of handmade,
one-of-a-kind bags using donated jeans: Set2Go, an all-purpose zipper bag; Go2, a cross-body
bag; and Top2Bottom, a tote bag. Their solution gives purpose to unworn clothing filling the closets
of their target market.
As we were pitching product ideas during the initial stages of our company, a student became inspired by his personal experiences. As a result of his mother's battle with cancer, she—and subsequently her family—had to abide by certain dietary limitations, hindering family dinners from being truly appetizing. Thus, Diverse EATS was born! The cookbook began as a collection of recipes that would be both healthy and family friendly, created to offer more delicious and appealing recipes that would work with the restrictive diets of cancer patients.
Embark--Aqua America
T-shirts and water bottles   
Embark is a student-run, Junior Achievement company that strives to encourage our consumers to embrace today's opportunities. We believe that every day is a new day, a fresh start, and an opportunity to try something new. Our goal is to share our philosophy in the hope that you will share back by using #todayistheday!
Fingerprint Lock
We strive to bring 21st Century technology and innovation into your life in a new way. Our goal is to optimize your safety and efficiency by shortening the time required to access your personal belongings, instilling a sense of security in you and your possessions. With our product in your hands, arbitrary combinations and patterns that are easily forgotten will be instantly obsolete.
Sips--SAP America  
Reuseable Straw
SIPS, Students Interested in Promoting Sustainability, is a company with a mission to reduce plastic pollution, specifically in the ocean. The world currently uses 14 billion pounds of plastic each year, most of which ends up in the ocean. Our product, sipspods, is a folding silicon straw in a portable container that allows you to bring your straw anywhere along with a bristle cleaner. Attached to the outside of the container is a tag which explains more about our company, the charity, OceanCare, and cleaning instructions. Working with OceanCare, we are saving millions of marine animals harmed by plastic waste.
The Culture Initiative--Bimbo Bakeries USA
T-shirt with custom bags and stickers
At The Culture Initiative company, we aimed to stay true to our environmental conservation roots by creating a company that promoted and reflected our initiative to create a teen culture that is dedicated to solving the environmental crisis. We designed, packaged, and enhanced a T-shirt for the purpose of helping the environment. Our 100% cotton T-shirt proudly displayed our iconic logo across the chest. Our shirt was packaged in a translucent bag, which also showed our logo. Within our package, customers not only found our stylish T-shirt, but also a sticker with our company's logo.
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