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For the Pre-Pandemic Fiscal/Academic year ending June 30, 2019

-17,364 students served in New Castle, Kent, Sussex, Cecil and Salem Counties. 

-JA of Delaware earned 3-STAR status on June 30, 2019 for solid financial performance and increased student reach and impact. 

Student Reach (Pre-Pandemic Audited 2018-19 Report)

17,364 students in all three of Delaware's counties, and in nearby Cecil and Salem Counties were served by JA of Delaware in the year ending June 30, 2019, resulting in 385,165 instructional contact hours delivered. This represents an 10.2% market share of a total student market of 170,163 in the five-county area and is among the highest Instructional Contact Hours delivered per student in the nation.
Junior Achievement takes a proactive approach to combating poverty, high dropout rates, and other social ills that interfere with young people achieving the American Dream. The JA message is one of self-sufficiency, entrepreneurial opportunity, personal responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Market Share – 10.2%
  • Market Share Rank Compared to other JA areas in U.S. – 37th
  • Students Served Rank Compared to other JA areas in U.S. – 63rd
  • Instructional Contact Hours Delivered per Student Ranking Compared to other JA Areas in U.S. - 1st
  • Annual Operating Performance Standard Status – 3-STAR OPERATION as of June 30, 2019
  • Since 2013, our focus has been on retaining our charter to serve students in Delaware, as well as, in Salem County, NJ and Cecil County, MD.
Retaining our charter is based on meeting or exceeding the following Operating Performance Standards:
  • Annual Operating Surplus
  • 2:1 Current Ratio
  • 4:1 Debt Ratio
  • Annual Increase in Students Served or Instructional Contact Hours Delivered
  • Six months Cash-on-Hand
Alongside these standards, we are emphasizing the impact of sequential, ongoing JA experiences over the course of a particular student's academic career…and connecting that student to Direct Employment, Entrepreneurial Start-Up, and/or Continued Education upon high school graduation.
To this end, we aspire to become a partner of choice for educators, business leaders, and policy-makers seeking to expand the workforce and economic development by educating the next generation.
Please join us as we influence thousands of local youth in Kindergarten through Graduation with meaningful learning experiences around a robust curriculum that features successful adult role models.
Your help now will ensure those most in need will benefit from all that Junior Achievement has to offer. Local kids are learning how to earn and manage money, how to run a small business, and they are experiencing first-hand the expectations of and soft skills required in today's workplace.



  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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