Schools Served and
Performance Metrics

2016-17 Schools Served by County (Audited and Verified)

County School Number of Students Served
Cecil Bohemia Manor High School 175
  Elkton High School 285
  North East High School 300
  Rising Sun High School 225
  Tome School 94
Kent Allen Frear Elementary School 20
  Caesar Rodney High School 45
  Campus Community School 103
  Central Middle School 575
  Clayton Elementary School 145
  Communities In Schools 53
  DAPI Camden 10
  Dover High School 96
  Early College High School at Delaware State University 199
  East Dover Elementary School 75
  John S. Charlton School 90
  Milford Central Academy 35
  Positive Outcomes Charter School 12
  Providence Creek Academy 78
  Smyrna Middle School 24
  Star Hill Elementary 140
  Sunnyside Elementary School 126
  Towne Point Elementary School 43
  W. Reily Brown Elementary School 108
  W.B. Simpson Elementary School 115
  W.T. Chipman Middle School 44
  Welch Elementary School 91
  William Henry Middle School 163
New Castle A.I. duPont High School 9
  A.I. duPont Middle School 100
  Albert H. Jones Elementary 80
  Alfred G. Waters Middle School 330
  All Saints Catholic School 204
  Appoquinimink High School 24
  Bancroft Elementary School 40
  Brader Elementary School 90
  Brandywine Springs School 638
  Brennen School 20
  Brick Mill Elementary 116
  Brookside Elementary School 67
  Bunker Hill Elementary School 118
  Cab Calloway School of the Arts 127
  Caravel Academy 15
  Carrcroft Elementary School 80
  Carrie Downie Elementary School 78
  Cedar Lane Elementary School 197
  Charter School of Wilmington 15
  Christ the Teacher School 61
  Christiana High School 8
  Claymont Elementary School 319
  Concord High School 160
  Conrad Schools of Science 181
  DE Academy of Public Safety and Security 75
  Delaware Adolescent Program 15
  Delaware Design-Lab 155
  Delaware Military Academy 140
  Dickinson High School 5
  Downes Elementary School 164
  Etta J. Wilson Elementary School 196
  Forwood Elementary School 110
  Gallaher Elementary School 78
  Glasgow High School 17
  H.B. duPont Middle School 27
  Hanby Elementary School 100
  Heritage Elementary School 107
  Holy Angels School 41
  Howard High School of Technology 46
  Independence School 72
  Islamic Academy of Delaware 24
  Jennie Smith Elementary School 91
  Junior Achievement of Delaware, Inc. 541
  Keene Elementary School 114
  Kingswood Academy 67
  Kirk Middle School 35
  Kuumba Academy Charter School 48
  Lancashire Elementary School 303
  Las Americas ASPIRA Academy 100
  Leasure  Elementary School 82
  Linden Hill Elementary School 195
  Lombardy Elementary School 75
  Maclary Elementary School 184
  Maple Lane Elementary School 44
  Marbrook Elementary School 163
  McCullough Middle School 183
  McKean High School 31
  McVey Elementary School 68
  Meadowood Program 9
  Meredith Middle School 351
  Middletown High School 39
  MOT Charter School 97
  Mount Joy United Methodist Church 66
  Mt. Pleasant Elementary School 172
  Mt. Pleasant High School 17
  Networks School/Entrepreneurial Sciences 17
  Newark High School 241
  North Star Elementary School 226
  Oberle Elementary School 110
  Odyssey Charter School 278
  Old State Elementary School 173
  Olive B. Loss School 230
  P.S. duPont Middle School 38
  Pleasantville Elementary School 106
  Police Athletic League of Wilmington 22
  Prestige Academy 52
  Project Search 7
  Pulaski Elementary School 65
  Red Lion Christian Academy 103
  Redding Middle School 250
  Richardson Park Elementary School 133
  Sarah Pyle Academy 8
  ServiceSource 9
  Shue-Medill Middle School 181
  Silver Lake Elementary School 143
  Skyline Middle School 57
  Southern Elementary School 125
  Springer Middle School 198
  St. Peter Cathedral School 122
  Stanton Middle School 130
  Stubbs Elementary School 50
  Tatnall School 86
  TeenSHARP 33
  The Wallin School 14
  Thomas A. Edison Charter School 53
  Thurgood Marshall Elementary School 139
  Tower Hill School 53
  Townsend Elementary School 75
  UrbanPromise School 12
  Warner Elementary School 270
  West Park Place Elementary School 44
  William Cooke Jr. Elementary School 124
  William Penn High School 153
Salem Alloway Township School 32
  Elsinboro Township School 36
  Lower Alloways Creek School 19
  Mannington Township School 32
  Oldmans Township School 33
  Quinton Township School 77
  Salem County Christian Academy 5
Sussex Georgetown Elementary School 139
  H.O. Brittingham Elementary School 258
  Lighthouse Christian School 80
  North Georgetown Elementary School 52
  Rehoboth Elementary School 22
  Scope Alternative School 30
  Southern Delaware School of the Arts 58
  Sussex Central High School 17
  Total:                                   16,013

Student Impact And Reach (2016-17)

16,013 students in all three of Delaware's counties, and in nearby Cecil and Salem Counties were served by JA of Delaware in the year ending June 30, 2017, resulting in 222,309 instructional contact hours delivered. This represents a 8.68% market share of a total student market of 184,470 in the five county area; and is among the highest Instructional Contact Hours delivered per student in the nation.

Junior Achievement takes a proactive approach to combating poverty, high dropout rates, and other social ills that interfere with young people achieving the American Dream. The JA message is one of self-sufficiency, entrepreneurial opportunity, personal responsibility, and sustainability.

Market Share – 8.68%

Market Share Rank Compared to other JA areas in U.S. – 49th

Students Served Last Academic Year – 16,013

Students Served Rank Compared to other JA areas in U.S. – 65th


Instructional Contact Hours Delivered per Student Ranking Compared to other JA Areas in U.S. - 4th

Annual Operating Performance Standard Status – 4-STAR OPERATION as of June 30, 2017

Since 2013, our focus has been on retaining our charter to serve students in Delaware, as well as, in Salem County, NJ and Cecil County, MD.

Retaining our charter is based upon meeting or exceeding the following Operating Performance Standards:

Annual Operating Surplus

2:1 Current Ratio

4:1 Debt Ratio

Annual Increase in Students Served or Instructional Contact Hours Delivered

Six months Cash-on-Hand

Alongside these standards, we are emphasizing the impact of sequential, ongoing JA experiences over the course of a particular student's academic career…and connecting that student to Direct Employment,Entrepreneurial Start-Up, and/or Continued Education upon high school graduation.

To this end, we aspire to become a partner of choice for educators, business leaders, and policy-makers seeking to expand workforce and economic development by educating the next generation.

Please join us as we influence thousands of local youth in Kindergarten through Graduation with meaningful learning experiences around robust curriculum that features successful adult role models.

Your help now will ensure those most in-need will benefit from all that Junior Achievement has to offer. Local kids are learning how to earn and manage money, how to run a small business, and they are experiencing first-hand the expectations of and soft skills required in today's workplace.