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At JA of Delaware, we host special events throughout the year to learn from our stakeholders, showcase our students and honor outstanding role models and volunteers. These events engage the community in our efforts to reach more local students by raising critical funds and/or awareness! Whether you'd like to get involved as an individual attendee or as a business through event sponsorship, we offer several ways for you to support our work while having a great time!

Thank you to our 2020 DELAWARE BUSINESS LEADERS HALL OF FAME sponsors:

















Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame - Virtual Networking and Induction Ceremonies

Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame - Virtual Networking and Induction Ceremonies

Our Nominating Committee Chair Teri Quinn Gray and her team including Charles Madden and Tim Butler have been leading the way to a powerful 2020 lineup that embraces these historic times and that is a catalyst for culture change in this illustrious institution.

Congratulations to our 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

Devona E.G. Williams

William (Bill) Allen, Jr.

Chef Dana Herbert.

Founded in 1990, The Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame honors business and community leaders whose work has had a positive impact on Workforce and Economic Development in the region.  Originally a partnership with Hagley Museum & Library with a focus on inducting historical laureates, today the Hall of Fame features current and recent leaders whose influence is known and felt by their contemporaries.

Last year, on October 2, 2019 at Wilmington Country Club, 2019 Hall of Fame Chair Christopher Burkhard led the festivities as we inducted Calvert A. Morgan, Jr, Sam & Mariah Calagione, and Thomas H. Draper.

In 2018 Hall of Fame chair Rob Martinelli, CEO and President of Today Media presided over the induction of J. Michael Bowman, Robert W. Perkins, and Terry A.Strine at Wilmington Country Club on Wednesday October 10 at 6:45pm, immediately following a 5:30pm reception.

Each year, the Junior Achievement of Delaware Leadership Council approves the selection of a slate of new inductees.  2017 inductees were Rob Siegfried from The Siegfried Group, and Ernie Dianastasis from The Precisionists, formerly of CAI, Inc.

The Hall of Fame inductees serve as role models to the students JA serves.  Hall of Fame Chairs over the years have included multiple individuals who went on to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in subsequent years.  These include: Ellen Kullman, Paul McConnell, Carol Ammon, Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. and Ernie Dianastasis.

Other Hall of Fame laureates in reverse order of induction are: Allen Fasnacht, Fred Sears, Gary Stockbridge, Peter Morrow, Rob Buccini, Verino Pettinaro, Bob Laskowski, Dan Butler (CSC),  Peter Minuit, Arkadi Kuhlmann, Jim Kelly, Alan R. Burkard, James A. Wolfe, Mark A. Suwyn, Craig Rogerson, Dian C. Taylor, Alan B. Levin, Frank J. McIntosh, Foster Friess, Murray Berstein, Leonard W. Quill, Leon F. Slocomb, Jr., Marvin N. (Skip) Schoenhals, Leon N. Weiner, John B. Campbell, Sally Hawkins, Robert W. Gore, T. Coleman du Pont, Werner C. Brown, John W. Rollins, Sr., Charles M. Cawley, John A. Krol, Frederick G. Krapf, Jr., Bernard J. Taylor, II, Carolyn S. Burger, Harry Levin, Joshua Heald, Walter S. Carpenter, David D. Wakefield, Joshua & Thomas Gilpin, Edward Goett, Jack Burris, Arthur S. Carota, E.I. du Pont, Joseph Bancroft, Irving S. Shapiro, Alexander F. Giacco, George Lobdell, Oliver Evans, Wilbert & Genevieve Gore, P.S. du Pont, Crawford Greenewalt and Joseph Tatnall.

  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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