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Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa's volunteer-delivered, kindergarten-12th grade programs foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, and use experiential learning to inspire students in our community to dream big and reach their potential.


Why Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement helps students realize that the education they are getting today will help them to have a bright future tomorrow. Junior Achievement's unique, volunteer delivered programs, show them all of the possibilities that lay before them. They realize they can choose different paths; College? A specific trade? Start their own business? Through your participation as an organization or as an individual, these statistics below can begin to change in your community:

  • 20% of U.S. students will not complete high school on time and earn a diploma.
  • 49% of U.S. employers recognize that talent shortages impact their ability to serve clients and customers.
  • 36% of Americans say that they have at some point in their lives felt their financial situation was out of control.
  • 91% of millennials wish they had greater access to entrepreneurial education programs.
Why Junior Achievement?

Which Way To Junior Achievement?

Corporate Donor

Your corporation can support the growing need for youth development in Eastern Iowa by helping today's students with the critical skills and the character necessary to succeed in your 21st century workplace.

— OR —

Individual Donor

Not affiliated with a corporation partnered with Junior Achievement? You can make a donation directly to Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa!


By volunteering for Junior Achievement through your organization, you can be in the classroom during work hours and you can share your experience and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

— OR —


Not affiliated with a corporation partnered with Junior Achievement? You can volunteer in your community directly with Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa!


Quality volunteers from the community come into your classroom to deliver proven, hands-on programming that inspires students to understand the opportunities provided by education.

— OR —


Not an Educator? Find out how you can get Junior Achievement programs into your Eastern Iowa school!


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Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa Spotlight

Corridor Business Hall of Fame

Corridor Business Hall of Fame

When: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Where: Cedar Rapids Marriott
Time: 6:00pm - 9:30pm

The 20th annual Junior Achievement Corridor Business Hall of Fame is a black tie event that provides Junior Achievement the opportunity to recognize our state's most respected leaders for their commitment to and investment in the community. 

The Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame laureates are part of a league of outstanding individuals who have made legendary contributions to the free enterprise system. Through their actions and accomplishments, the Business Hall of Fame laureates provide inspiration for the next generation as they take the reins of leadership in the years to come.


JA Finance Park<sup>®</sup> Virtual

JA Finance Park® Virtual

Innovative, bold, relevant. Junor Achievement Finance Park® Virtual is all that, and more. It's a financial literacy laboratory that inspires and prepares youth to succeed. Set in a virtual campus, this is an exciting reality-based learning environment for middle and high school students.

Calling all Junior Achievement Alumni!

Calling all Junior Achievement Alumni!

Did Junior Achievement make a difference in your life? Is there a story you want to share about how a Junior Achievement mentor helped positively influence your life or career? Do you want to re-connect with Junior Achievement and others who had "the Junior Achievement experience?"

JA Titan<sup>®</sup> Challenge

JA Titan® Challenge

When: November 20, 2019
Where: Hawkeye Community College - Tama Hall
Time: 8:00am -2:30pm

JA Titan® Challenge is a day-long competition which places high school junior and senior students in the CEO seat to help increase their understanding of business. Young entrepreneurs are taught in an engaging way about the nuances of running a global business in a competitive, high tech marketplace.




  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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