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The JA Inspire Experience is a coalition of educators and industry leaders, led by Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore. At the center of our work is a powerful event that will be massive, measured in both square feet and impact.

  • Hands-on Career Exploration

  • Almost 3,000 8th Grade Students from 6 counties across the Eastern Shore (Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset, Dorchester, Caroline, and Talbot)

  • Eastern Shore Colleges/Universities, Trade Schools, and Apprenticeship Programs

  • Eastern Shore Companies representing local high-wage/high-demand careers who will share career advice and engage students with interactive exhibits

Why JA Inspire? 

Not all students receive career mentorship at home or have access to all the career options that are available to them. The JA Inspire Experience gives students that opportunity. Students get to learn about careers from caring mentors in time to plan their high school coursework, have a better path to success, and a pathway out of generational poverty. For businesses, this is your chance to build your future workforce through experiential and hands-on learning. You get to ensure that the skills you need in your employees are the skills that are taught to your future hires. 

Don't just take our word for it. See it for yourself! Check out the JA Inspire Experience 2020 below



What's new for JA Inspire 2021?

Students are going virtual, so we are too! This year, the JA Inspire Experience will be 100% virtualWith the help of an online event platform, JA Inspire will happen entirely online in 2021. Our online platform will allow companies to design their virtual booth, hand out digital flyers, and allow for tons of videos to deliver this same critical information to students. 

With the new online platform, you'll be able to impact more students than ever! With space no longer being an issue, as a booth sponsor, you will have access to: 

  • 1 full-day of 3,000 middle school students from 6 counties on The Shore
  • Another full day of almost 3,000 11th and 12th grade students from 6 counties on The Shore
  • An evening session for local adult job-seekers right here in your employment area

You can triple your business' exposure at JA Inspire Virtual 2021. Here, you can inspire AND hire the future of your business. 

The workforce is changing. You need employees that are adaptable and prepared to take your company your to the next level. Join hundreds of other business' from The Shore that are preparing for the future. Click the buttons below to learn more and register for the event! 

 JA Inspire virtual event information & SPONSORSHIPS 


Take a look inside the JA Inspire Virtual Experience 2021!

JA Inspire Virtual - Conference Center Lobby - Students enter the JA Inspire Virtual Experience through the virtual conference lobby.              

JA Inspire Virtual - Exhibit Hall - Your booth is located inside your virtual industry exhibit hall.  As an Industry Sponsor, your company logo displays largely in the center of the hall for maximum exposure and line of sight. 

JA Inspire Virtual - Conference Auditorium - As a Webinar Sponsor, you will provide valuable workforce and career knowledge to students over the course of the event. Your webinars are pre-recorded, allowing you to receive high-level exposure to sought-after talent, while your business remains fully-staffed and operational during your work day. Impact without interruption! 
JA Inspire Virtual - Virtual Booth - As a Booth Sponsor, this is your time to shine! Future hires are able to get a first-hand look at a day inside the life of your company. With our new virtual event platform, you are able to provide students, and potential candidates, the best your business has to offer: 
  • Detailed descriptions of your business
  • Marketing videos, inforgraphics, flyers, hand outs, photos, etc. - all virtual, no hassle! These items will stay with the student in their event "swag bag". 
  • Listings of current job openings and how to apply NOW! 
  • Career options and pathways, education requirements, and more!

Your options are limitless! And the best part?! You don't have to do any of this alone! A JA staff member will be assigned to you to aid you in setting up your booth, answer your questions, and troubleshoot. We're here to help! 

Want to join us?  Click on the buttons below to learn more and register for the event!




Have Questions?

Please contact Lisa Thornton at lisa.thornton@ja.org for more information!

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