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JA Mind Challenge Workbooks

Get ready for school! Stay ready for success! The JA Mind Challenge workbooks provides students with hands-on, interactive, fun learning experiences no matter where their classroom is! Each workbook is filled with: 

- 20 + Pages of Learning Fun 

- Interactive Full-Spread Challenge Trackers 

- 10 + Hands-On Challenges

- Tons of real-world scenarios and solutions to real-world problems!  

As students work through each challenge, they are retaining and improving their math and reading gains through each grade level. Challenges are age appropriate and focused in areas of: 

- Math (budgeting skills, business ownership stimulations, credit card and interests calculating activities, etc.)

- Career Exploration (job research prompts, resume building techniques, letter of recommendation prompts, etc.)

- Community Awareness (goods and services scavenger hunts, money movement, key community services, etc.)

- Reading (grade-level reading content and vocabulary, deep dives and think tanks to encourage deeper level understanding, etc.)

 JA Mind Challenge Downloadable Workbooks

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            PK-1 Grade                                                       2-3 Grade                                                         4-5 Grade

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               6-8 Grade



            9-12 Grade


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