Welcome Back, JA Alumni!

Did Junior Achievement (JA) make a difference in your life? Is there a story you want to share about how a JA mentor helped positively influence your life or career? Do you want to re-connect with JA and others who had "the JA experience?"

JA Alumni are a select group of leaders who have experienced Junior Achievement programs as a student. 

You may have run your own student business as a member of the JA Company Program®,experienced what it was like to make financial decisions in a student-managed city as part of JA Finance Park®, or learned about money, careers or running a business in any one of JA's other K-12 programs

Regardless of which JA program you participated in, we invite you to

It is free to join! We want to re-engage with you and invite you to be a part of our mission and help us inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, employees, and consumers. 

Benefits of JA Alumni Society Membership include:

  • An exclusive JA Alumni Welcome Package that highlights the past, present and future of JA
  • A chance to share your JA story and discuss why "JA Matters"
  • A quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening with JA now
  • Access to the JA Alumni LinkedIn Page
  • An opportunity to connect with JA in your community
  • And many more!

Again, thank you for your interest in reconnecting with Junior Achievement. We look forward to learning more about your JA journey.


          JA Alumni are 143% more likely
          to have started a business
          compared to the general public.





88% of JA Alumni say they are satisfied with their careers, compared to about 49% of the general public. They are also more inclined to work in management positions than the general population.




     Not only are JA Alumni more inclined to
     finish high school than the
     general population, they are also
     more likely to have a four-year degree &
67% more likely to have an advanced degree.