Participation as a
JA High School Hero
is not only an enjoyable
experience for the students,
but a high impact,
builder as well.
A recent survey of over 1,500
Junior Achievement High School Heroes found that:

HS Students said they enjoyed participating as a volunteer in this project, and nearly all would participate again if an opportunity was available.

HS Students said their experience helped them improve their public speaking skills; positive feedback reinforcing the quality of JA's training and support, while building vital "soft skills"
for our youth.


The HS students indicated the experience allowed them
to understand and build the following:
Importance of Teamwork
Presentation Skills Assertiveness
People Skills
Leadership Skills
Confidence to Lead

Critical Thinking

Communication Skills
Helping and Coaching Others

Empathy / Awareness
Organizational Skills

Time Management



What is the JA High School Heroes Program?

The High School Heroes program is a service learning project that provides high school students the opportunity to become role models by teaching and empowering elementary students within their school district. High School Heroes work in teams to mentor students with hands-on, interactive lessons to students centered around work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. This experience is not only fun, but helps high school students learn and practice soft skills needed to get a job!


Why become a JA High School Hero?

·        Learn teamwork, leadership, and employability skills.

·        Heroes can earn community service hours.

·        Improve public speaking skills.

·        Gain real-life work experience.

·        Great experience for College Application and Resume Builder.

·        Chance to win a scholarship for writing an essay about the experience.

In addition, the High School Heroes program helps to fulfill several of Ohio Core Curriculum Content Standards for 21st-Century Life and Careers and the Career Ready Practices.


JA High School Hero Skill Builder: Preparation With Training Videos

In addition to in-class preparation, high school students can use these training videos to better understand each JA Session's learning objective, key terms and best practices to lead implementation of the session's project-based learning activity.  Thank you to Junior Achievement of South Dakota for creating, publishing and sharing these training videos on its Y-Tube Channel.

JA Our Community Program

Session 1: Define a community and discover various jobs in a community.

Session 2: Business provide jobs and use production to make goods and services.

Session 3: Pay for work and taxes to support community services.

Session 4: Decision making and voting to grow a community & JA Certificate Awards

Session 5:  Financial literacy session to learn money currency terms, amounts and to better understand how money is used to buy goods, services and is saved for future goals.  

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