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About the Program

About The Competition:

  • Online simulated business strategy game
  • Compete for Industry Market Share across multiple quarters of a business cycle
  • Apply critical thinking skills to analyze market performance of the company and the industry to adjust price, production, market research, marketing, capital investment and charitable giving
  • HS Students participate  



1st Place - $500 Prize Award per team member

2nd Place - $200 Prize Award per team member

3rd Place - $100 Prize Award per team member



Judging Criteria

Reaction to market variables to achieve highest performance index score



About the Competition:

  • Application of entrepreneurship skills to solve a real world problem
  • Support of the product development with effective strategies for advertising, competitive advantages, financing and marketing
  • Public pitch of innovative idea
  • 8th Grade Students participate



All students on the winning team will receive a $25 Gift Card.


Judging Criteria

Creativity, Teamwork, Originality, Market Demand


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About The Program

About the Competition:

  • Student-led newly formed Company
  • Demonstration of Company's Innovation, Financial Performance, Marketing, Sales and HR Management
  • Growth in Business Acumen to balance the company's needs and individual development
  • Showcase of Student Leadership Skills
  • HS students participate 



1st Place - $750 Company Bonus

2nd Place - $500 Company Bonus

3rd Place - $250 Company Bonus

Individual Judges' Awards - $25 Gift Cards



Judging Criteria

Annual Report, Commercial, Tradeshow Booth, Presentation




JA Company Program Winners


 First Place: Pawsitively Remembered – North Canton        

Second Place: Enpower – North Canton

Third Place: Sonder Jewelry – Lake HS




JA Employee of the Year Recipients:

GlenOak    GO Connexions             Evan Norris

GlenOak    Premier Plaques            Jermaine Brack

GlenOak    HASO                             Zach Kolarik

Cloverleaf  Heroes Over Heroin       Rose Castle                                 

Lake          3Design                          Andrew Hoover         

Lake          Vitae Shirts                    Stephan Lyogky                            

Lake          Sonder Jewelry              Kevin Wharton                               

Hoover       Pawsitively Remembered   Natalie Scheffler                  

Hoover       EnPower                        Zach Kile                                  

Marlington   Fuzzy Fleece               Marissa Kaser


Participating Schools:

Lake HS

North Canton HS

Marlington HS

GlenOak HS

Cloverleaf HS


JA Titan Competition Winners

First Place: PHB, Inc – North Canton HS

Second Place: Park, Inc – North Canton HS

Third Place: Washington 20 – Massillon HS

Participating Schools:

Massillon HS

Louisville HS

Marlington HS

JA Pitch It Winners

Team 6 – Rubber Roads Idea

Participating Schools:

Massillon MS

Sandy Valley MS






JA Titan Business Volunteers:

Daniel Szendrey- Diebold Nixdorf

Jeff Polen – Coastal Pet Products

Brad Belden- The Belden Brick Company

John Streb- The Belden Brick Company

JA Pitch It Business Volunteers:
Joe Schindel – AXA Advisors  

JA Company Business Volunteers:

Denise Sibole – Coastal Pet Products, Inc.

Joe Rosza – Site14

Roger Bryan – Enfusen

Keith Fockler – REV Grou, Inc.

Michael Fraser – Avalanche Media Works













JA Titan Judges

 Jim Leahy, JAECO Board Member of Belden Brick Company

Brad Belden, Belden Brick Company

John Streb, Belden Brick Company

Jeff Polen, Coastal Pet Products Inc.




JA PitchIt! Judges

Connor Jarvis, JA Alumni

Austen Zemrock, JA Alumni


JA Company Judges

Michael Oesch, JAECO Board Member of Veritas Solutions Group, LLC

Jolene Colant, Hall Kislter & Company

Katie Tolin, JAECO Board Member of CPA Growth Guides

Justin Rush, JGR Financial

Tom Pukys, Alliance

Paul Hugenberg III, Info GPS 3D

Gary Deinert, Leadership Insights Associates

Zachary Masters, Patriot Software

Dick Maggiore, Innis Maggiore

Jeff Monter, Innis Maggiore


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