Junior Achievement turns High School Classrooms Into Student-led Startups

JA Company Program® provides high school students (grades 9–12) an opportunity to launch their own start-up business to solve a problem or need.

It's not theory. It's business ownership. Real products. Real Sales. Real Profits.  Students build their business acumen by experiencing the risks and rewards of starting and running a company from idea generation, business formation and business plan commercialization to marketing, sales, financial management, and ROI for operational efficiencies and hard work.

During the 2017-18 school year, 12 JA Company startups from Lake High School, GlenOak High School, Marlington High School and Sandy Valley High School had over $20,000 is sales. These 80 students are among the 9,605 students across the nation and 470,314 worldwide participating in this program.

Students from Stark County won $38,750 worth of scholarships and awards.  JA Company Team Beelieve, from North Canton High School, was honored as the 2018 United States JA Company of the Year at the Washington, DC Leadership Summit. 

By unleashing students' entrepreneurial spirit and connecting them with trained business mentors, students are developing skills required for employability in business, management, administration, finance, marketing, sales and technology careers.

Juinior Achievement is a global NGO celebrating 100 years of connecting the business and education communities together to provide students with hands on, experiential learning in financial literarcy, work readiness and entrepreneurship so they can be 100% ready for the roles and responsibilities of work, business ownership and managing a paycheck.


Junior Achievement curriculum and infastructure of support transforms your classroom into a student-led engergized business incubator that meets ODE state-aligned curriculum in social studies, English, math, career readiness and financial literacy.

  • JA Company Program fulfills Marketing Career Tech Programs CTSO requirements (with no student fees) to support instructional objectives and attainment of academic and technical competencies while helping students develop citizenship, interpersonal and ledership skills. Local and national competitions and scholarships.
  • Peer-to-peer professional development seminars for educators to connect with youth entrepreneurship education opportunities and learn how to use JA Company Program in the classroom.
  • 87% of participating students said JA Company Program helped them connect what they learned in the classroom to the real world of work.

Contact Alyssa West, Director of Operations & Entrepreneurship Education at awest@jaonline.org to discuss upcoming Professional Development seminars for teachers and business volunteers to learn how to use JA Company Program in the classroom.