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JA of Greater Kansas City's volunteer-delivered, kindergarten-12th grade programs foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills, and use experiential learning to inspire students in our community to dream big and reach their potential.


Which Way To JA?


You or your corporation can support the growing need for youth development in Greater Kansas City by helping today's students with the critical skills and the character necessary to succeed in the 21st century workplace.



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By volunteering for JA through you can help inspire the next generation of young students by sharing your experience and encouraging young people to pursue their dreams.



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JA curriculum and programs help support your classroom by providing relevant materials, experiences, and tools to help students succeed. This collaborative approach supports students as they prepare for success and lays a foundation for upward mobility.


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Stories of Impact

"Having that opportunity to mentor is instrumental."

Serving as a mentor to young women is close to Joelsette Hernandez-Jones' heart — because she knows what it's like to grow up without one. So she jumped at the chance to volunteer as a mentor at Junior Achievement's Future Women's Leadership Forum (FWLF).

"Junior Achievement is lifting people out of whatever situation they're in with real-life skills that are extremely important"

Architecture and design firm Gould Evans is known for their projects with Cerner and Garmin — but their team in Kansas City is also focused on education. And the team at Gould Evans continues these efforts by volunteering with Junior Achievement.

"It's really rewarding to see JA students who have real questions"

According to a study by the Bank of America, only 16% of youth ages 18-26 are optimistic about their financial future. Amanda Campbellfinancial advisor at Waddell & Reed, is taking a hands-on approach to changing this statistic by volunteering with JA. "I see in my day to day people who come in not having learned basic budgeting and credit skills," Amanda explains. "They don't understand how much that's going to impact them down the road."

WHy Junior Achievement?

JA ignites a spark in young people and helps students realize that the education they are getting today will help them to have a bright future tomorrow. JA's unique, volunteer delivered programs show them all of the possibilities that lay before them. Students realize they can choose different paths including college, trades, and starting their own business. Through your participation, we can start changing these statistics our community:
  • 20% of U.S. students will not complete high school on time and earn a diploma.
  • 49% of U.S. employers recognize that talent shortages impact their ability to serve clients and customers.
  • 36% of Americans say that they have at some point in their lives felt their financial situation was out of control.
  • 91% of millennials wish they had greater access to entrepreneurial education programs.
Why Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City consistently receives high grades for accountability and transparency.

Guide Star Silver          

  • "Junior Achievement exposed me to different careers and opportunities and it was very inspirational."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Students in my classroom often say that one of their most memorable activities from the year is JA. They love it!"

    -Junior Achievement Teacher
  • "Junior Achievement has shaped my dreams. They have prepared me for what's out there."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Every time I came back into the classroom the kids were always so excited about the activities and mentioned their favorite ones."

    -Junior Achievement Volunteer

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