Volunteer Preparation Resources

Junior Achievement has provided a few videos to help you prepare for your time in the classroom delivering the various programs.  If you can't find the answer to your question we are here to help! Thank you for sharing your time and talent to share critical lessons in financial literacy education, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. 

Leading your JA Program:   

  • Logistics - Traditional JA Program Delivery - Are you wondering what to wear, where to park or what to bring? Watch this short video to learn the answers to your questions and more.
  • Leading a JA Session - Introduction: In this video you will learn student engagement strategies and gain an understanding of the workshop model instruction. Watch as the JA volunteer shares the days learning goals, gauges what the students already know and presents new information in a JA session.
  • Leading a JA Session - Activity: This video will share suggestions for managing the activity portion of a JA session including how to lead a smooth activity, engage the students in the learning process and turn the work of learning over to the students.
  • Leading a JA Session - Summary and Review: After the excitement of an activity remember that the JA session isn't over! During this important portion of a JA session watch as the volunteer helps the students reflect on the day's learning and then leads a review of the concepts taught.

JA In A Day Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Logistics - JA-in-a-Day - Do you have questions about how the day will flow, where to go or how to prepare? Watch this short video to prepare for your volunteer experience.