Q.    Who can volunteer?

Anyone!  We work with men and women from all walks of life.  Homemakers to corporate executives to college students.

Q.     How much time is required?

An elementary school volunteer will visit the classroom 5 times for 30 minutes each.  The time committment for a middle school class requires 8 to 10 visits at 45 minutes each, and high school is 8 to 15 visits for 60 minutes each.  

Q.    Do I have to facilitate a class all by myself?

No, you and a co-worker/friend can do it together.

Q.     Are all the materials included in kit?

Yes, all materials that you will need are included in a designer bag.

Q.     How will I know what to do once I am in the classroom?

You will be completely trained by the JA staff on your program materials.  You are encouraged to incorporate your experiences into the JA material.

Q.     Can the school work around my busy schedule?

Absolutely, you will meet the teacher you are assigned to and be in constant communication throughout your volunteer experience.  Together you will schedule your visits.

Q.     I was in JA when I was in High School, what happened to that program?

You were in the "Company Program", JA has now expanded to offer economic education to grades Kindergarten - 12.  Your program still exists, and has been modified to fit in with the current economic education requirements.

Q.     Is there a cost associated with any of the Junior Achievement Programs?

No, all materials and training are provided free of charge to Volunteers and Schools.  Junior Achievement receives funding from our annual campaign, and a variety of fundraisers are held throughout the year.

Q.     Can I choose the school I want to volunteer in?

Yes, you may choose the school, provided they are willing to host the program.  Contact JA and let us know which school you are interested in and we will do the rest!  You can even volunteer in your child's classroom!

Q.     How can I get JA at my child's school?

Just call the JA office and let us know which school, we will take it from there!

If you have any questions that were not addressed here, please contact our office and we will be happy to answer them!