This school year Junior Achievement has the historic opportunity to impact a milestone - 15,000 children! It is within our reach. Right now we have teachers signing up for classes all across the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas, we will need each and every volunteer we can get to present these classes. Our children are thirsty for the knowledge that you can impart, they want to learn about the business world and are eager to hear your life stories.  Sign up to be a classroom volunteer today and change a life.  Online training is offered for those who do not want to participate in a "hands on training".  Follow the easy directions and click the link at the bottom of the page to begin!

As an experienced volunteer you have the skills to go straight into an elementary classroom and open up a whole world of learning for kids. If you wish to brush up on your skills, please feel free to participate in an online training session, just click the link at the bottom of the page and follow these easy steps:

Online Training

(Time Approximately 2 Hours)


1.          Click on "Get Involved" at the top of this page. Click on "Volunteers" on the left side of the page, click on "Volunteers Home", scroll down to click on "Online Volunteer Orientation" ( You will then be on the National Website)

2.                 Log in here or click on "new user" and register. 

3.                 Click on New User – register here.  Area Office is  Beaumont, TX (Area Office# 104535)


5.                 Go to the top green menu, click on JA Volunteer Orientation Program.

a.      Click on Home

                                                              i.      Adjust your volume to hear the narrated speaker.

6.                 Go back to JA Volunteer Orientation Program.

b.     Click on Basic Requirements

c.      Click Modules Not Taken

7.                 Click on Volunteer/Training Connection

d.     Click next and proceed through Volunteer Responsibilities, Teacher Responsibilities, Useful Tips & Forms, FAQ's and Self Check.

8.                 Go back to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on Classroom Management.

e.      Click next and proceed through Teaching Techniques, Tips & Tricks, FAQ's and Self Check.

9.                 Go back to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on BEHAVIOR STANDARDS.

f.       Click on next and proceed through Standards of Conduct, Agreement Forms, and Self Check.

10.             Go back to Basic Requirements, Modules Not Taken, and click on Student Characteristics.

g.     Click on your program Section (Elementary, Middle, High).

11.             Go back to JA Volunteer Orientation Program

h.     Click on the appropriate grade program (Elementary, Middle, High).

i.        Click on Modules Not Taken.

j.       Click on your program.

12.             Click next and proceed through the Program Goals, Kit Description, Activity Reviews and Self Check.

13.             Once you have completed all training modules, click on the Evaluation button, fill it out, and click Submit.

14.             If you need to send or fax your Volunteer Conduct Standard Form, please send it to:

Junior Achievement of the Golden Triangle

505 Milam Street, Ste 700

Beaumont TX 77701

Fax (409) 832-6980