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What is Junior Achievement? 
Junior Achievement (JA) is a non-profit organization that provides economics based programs in schools all over the world. Using colorful and engaging materials, Junior Achievement volunteers teach students the basics about business, financial literacy and free enterprise, to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Junior Achievement works with grades K-12 at the teacher's request. 
What does a JA volunteer do? 
JA volunteers are provided with a kit of materials that pertain to the grade they will be working with. Each kit contains activities that the JA volunteer will use for each visit to the classroom. The elementary activities require 30 to 45 minutes and the middle and high school grades take 45 minutes to complete. Each activity contains colorful, hands-on games and engaging discussions to help teach the students the economics of life. Grades K-5 requires 5 visits to the classroom. Grades 6, 7, and 8 require 6 visits to the classroom. High school programs require 5, 7 or 12 visits depending on the JA program used. Visits are set up and scheduled by the volunteer and teacher in a way that works best for both schedules.
Why does the program require a volunteer? 
Bringing a JA volunteer into your classroom is a great way for students to gain additional insight on the curriculum in a way that students will remember for years to come. For this reason, JA programs are ONLY provided when a JA volunteer is assigned to implement the activities. This means if the teacher's classroom does not have a JA volunteer, then the students do not receive the JA program. 
Do parents make good JA volunteers?
Whatever their occupation may be—stay at home parent, a CEO at a large corporation, or an owner of a small business—parents have valuable life experience to share in your classroom. Junior Achievement offers parents a unique opportunity to participate with their child's classroom and school. JA programs are filled on a first come first serve basis. 
Do the Junior Achievement programs relate to the classroom curriculum? 
Yes! All of the Junior Achievement programs are designed to work with the State Curriculum Standards and Common Core Standards. This means the JA activities directly relates to the curriculum the students are currently required to learn and be tested on. JA is a great compliment to what the students are already learning, delivered in an experiential way that is proven to reinforce their understanding of the curriculum. 
Are all JA programs classroom based?
No. JA programs can be implemented as part of an extra-curricular club before or after school, as long as there is a faculty member present and the students assemble on a regular basis. JA also works with several community-based organizations and afterschool partners to implement programs as a compliment to their activities. 
How do I get started?
Complete the online request form to request a program. 
• Once your request has been received, we will open it up to our database of volunteers. Requesting a program does not guarantee a volunteer and the JA staff is happy to work with you to find a volunteer for your class.
• When the volunteer has been identified, they will be offered a training (required   for new volunteers) and will be given all necessary materials to teach the lessons. 
• Teachers and volunteers communicate to set up mutually agreed upon dates and times of visits. 
• Teachers offer assistance during lessons, feedback as necessary, and plenty of thanks and recognition for the volunteer. 
• Upon completion of all lessons a verification form is returned to the JA office by either the teacher or volunteer. 
Is there a cost? 
JA programs are provided at no direct cost to schools, teachers, or students. Our funding comes from individuals, schools, corporations, and foundations. Any assistance in helping to underwrite the costs of programs is greatly appreciated and assures your classroom will have the JA program. 
If interested, please contact the JA Office to learn more about ways you can help underwrite your school's JA programs. 
Are there any specials rules? 
1. The program must be implemented by a trained JA volunteer. 
2. Teachers/volunteers must implement both the Pre-Test and the Post-Test.
3. The volunteer must complete all required lessons. 
4. A verification form must be completed upon completion of program. 
5. Have fun and enjoy your JA experience!
Additional questions? Please email us or call the JA Office at (216) 861-8080. We look forward to working with you!